SIM:Cpt.Hurne & Lt.Nugra: A Friendly Duel

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(( Bridge - USS Victory ))

:: Lt. Nugra stood on the bridge of the USS Victory and worked at his panel and was glad that the mission was over. The Gorn sighed and was bored to death after all the adventure. He looked up and saw Captain Hurne also looking slightly bored after signing some PADDs that had come his way. ::

HURNE: .....Engage warp 5. (Jumping into warp,the ship was on it's way.)

:: The Gorn sighed and thought about the time that he had set up that he was going to use in 10 minutes and all he had planned was another one of the Gorn starship scenarios. He signed out and was about to head to the Turbolift and saw Captain Hurne glance in his direction. Nugra thought of an idea and smiled.He walked up to the Captain's Chair. ::

NUGRA: Captain, Since we have completed our mission, I was wondering if you would be interested in accompanying me to the Holodeck for an hour. ::Jordan looked up into the lifeless eyes of the Gorn that towered over him.::

HURNE: What do you have in mind ?

NUGRA: I have read your record and find that you were trained in martial arts and I would like to have a contest with you. ::Being a little taken back by that.Nugra had put him on the spot. To refuse would be a point of honour for both of them.But more so for Nugra.He could not nor would he refuse.::

HURNE: (Smiling as he stood) You have something you need to get of your chest? Number One you have the bridge.

:: Nugra smiled. Those within ear shot did not reply. A hush fell about the bridge...............The Captain had agreed and the Gorn suddenly felt guilty of challenge him. Humans were known to be weak compared to Gorns. Nugra lead the way to the turbolift and entered the with Captain behind him. For some reason there was a small smile on the Captain's face. ::

NUGRA: Sir, with all due respect, I am feeling slightly guilty of challenging you. My size is more then a match for you.

HURNE:Don't let that fool you Mr. Nugra........ Size does not always matter in something's. ::Jordan allowed himself a hidden smile.It would be lost on the Gorn....Nugra was puzzled that the Captain didn't turn him down. It was almost like he knew something that Nugra didn't. ::

NUGRA: If you are sure, sir.

HURNE: Lead on Mr. Nugra.

:: The turbolift opened and they both made there way to the Holodeck.

HURNE:Oh one thing If you will indulge me.

::Jordan entered the .......... walking up to a replicate. He ordered clothing for both of them.Taking the one he had ordered for Nugra.He throw it at him,indicating to a room for him to change into the clothing. Having changed. Both made their way to the holodeck. The Gorn tapped on the panel and spoke. ::

NUGRA: Computer. Activate Nugra-Beta-5.

COMPUTER: Program initiated. Enter when ready.

:: The two entered.They had entered a rocky desert Nugra was wearing a Gorn uniform. Hurne was wearing an old style Federation uniform that Captain Kirk used to wear in the 21 Century .Looking down at his uniform. ::

HURNE:Well this is a blast from the pass.You look kinda cute too. ::Jordan was trying to get a rage going in Nugra. He was having little success.

NUGRA: I was thinking of using the Cestus III battle again, sir. If you don't mind.

HURNE: (A broad grin filled Jordan's face.).......Seems appropriate. When you are ready.

::Cestus III was the first encounter between human and the Gorn races.Thrown together by an all powerful race of beings.The winner would see the other and his ship destroyed. The outcome was history in both cultures..... The two stood in front of each other and Nugra nodded. ::

NUGRA: Begin, sir.

::This was to simple to Nugra, Captain Hurne was a shorter man compared to him and he circled each other slowly. Nugra sighed and made a rush at the captain with arms wide for a giant bear hug. :: HURNE: Uhg

:: To Nugra's surprise, the Captain dropped down and caught the Gorn under the shoulder and then in a twist that was totally un-suspected and flung the large lizard across him and he fell two feet away from him.The Gorn struggled to get back up and the Captain now had a broad grin on his face.The second time in as many minutes. ::

NUGRA: I made a mistake of under-estimating you, sir.

HURNE: First mistake and first lesson.(Jordan winked)

:: Hurne took up a stance.Indicated for Nugra to get up.The Gorn got back up and they were back to the same stance as they were. The lizard was now more wary and they circled each other. Nugra made a lunge forward and fastened his hand on the Captain's shoulder. Jordan lunged forward and placed his knee behind Nugra's and pushed him forward. The Gorn collapsed to the floor and the Hurne stepped back. ::

NUGRA: oO I don't believe this. He's beating me.Oo Good one, Captain.

:: He pulled himself up and brushed himself off. He went back to his stance and tried to remember all the things he had studied on Human martial arts. The moves of Captain Hurne seemed to match up with Judo. ::

:: They started circling each other again and Nugra decided to try to break the silence. ::

NUGRA: If you don't mind a personal question, Captain,but that scar you have? Did you receive it in a sword fight?

:: Nugra's particular fascination in sword fighting was something he really liked. ::

HURNE:No a klingon

NUGRA: I see, sir. Klingons are very mean, in my opinion.

HURNE:Not as mean as a Gorn with his back up. Give me a Klingon anytime.

:: Nugra rushed forward again and this time was prepared for the moves of Jordan. He rushed forward and the captain went in to another throw manoeuvre, but Nugra threw his palm forward and hit the captain in the chest throwing him to the ground. The Captain rolled twice and got back up quickly. The Gorn was on top of him with a kick to the side and Jordan rolled out of range. Using a sweep kick to hit the Lizard's large green feet. Nugra went down and picked himself up and Jordan attacked. He threw a punch and Nugra blocked it by putting his palm in the way. The Human competitor threw three punches and Nugra caught the last one and held the fist. So the contest rage for about twenty minutes. Nether gaining the upper hand.Back and forth across the arid landscape they fought. ::

HURNE: (his breathing was laboured.) Had enough yet.

::Caught off guard Nugra struck the Captain with his palm of the other hand and hit his chest twice before making gentle, but forceful contact with Jordan's forehead. He fell to the ground dizzy. ::

:: Nugra walked up to the Captain with a grin. He offered his hand to help him up. ::

NUGRA: I seem to have got the upper hand.

HURNE: Lesson two

:: Jordan grabbed the Gorn's hand and with a last ditched effort after he was half way up he fell back down and tossed the Lizard over his head. The Gorn collapsed and laid there as Jordan laughed. Nugra got up and joined with a chuckle. ::

NUGRA: I spoke to soon, Captain. The way we look, I think a visit to Dr. would be appropriate.


:: In good spirits, the two left the holodeck as the desert faded back to the grid..... There would be hell to play with the Doctor. Hurne was hurting. If Nugra was he did not show it.::

Captain Hurne
Commanding Officer
USS Victory


Mission Specialist
USS Victory