SIM:LtCmdr Nugra & Cpt Parker: Not Quite Dead

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OOC: This is a sim between my good friend Jerry who simmed Megan Parker years ago when I was part of Starbase 118. He agreed to come out of retirement and assist me with this post. Hope you enjoy!

(( Naul, Ireland - Earth ))

:: It was cold. Even through the thermal suit he wore to keep his reptilian blood from freezing solid, he could feel the bite across his face in a Parka. A Gorn, on public shuttle transportation to Naul had gotten a lot of looks especially a few hostile after the invasion his people had launched six years ago, but no one bothered him. It was even stranger with him clutching a bouquet of white flowers with a black ribbon around it. ::

:: It only took awhile to find directions to the Parker family plot. The residents had paled seeing such a tall creature entering their simple town. They did not ask him questions though, but just showed him to find the small cemetery surrounded by a black wrought iron fence with a few headstones. The weather was bleak and gray clouds hung over the place. A few snow flakes whisked by him, but he was more interested in the names. ::

Nugra: oO Ira Parker...Ian Parker...Oo

:: He looked, but felt cheated when he did not see a plot for his close friend from the days aboard the USS Victory. It might have only been six years to those who lived here since her passing, but Nugra had spent two hundred locked in war. It was long long ago. ::

:: His memories shifted back to the time he first met her. The tired soldier was a fresh young Ensign transferred in from the Gorn exchange program. He had just survived being captured by Cardassians and was checking on his friend Robin Phoneix. ::

Nugra: :: Chuckling:: oO Doctor wasn't in quite a talkative mood. Oo

<<FLASHBACK - 238009.08 >>

:: Nugra left after saying the usual greeting/leaving phrase of his world to Ensign Phoenix. He walked up to the doctor who was busy.::

Nugra: When you have the time I have a question for you.

Parker: Kinda busy so make it quick.

Nugra: Well, I was wondering when Phoenix will be ready to leave?

Parker: As I told the Ensign, I'll be clearing him as soon as I can ... we really don't have the space to house a large number of patients aboard.

Nugra: Would you let me know if it is no hassle?

Parker: I will ... if I remember, no promises.


:: He ground his teeth and was about to turn and leave when he heard a mew and felt a rub against his leg. He looked down to see a beautiful cat, a cat strangely familiar. ::

Nugra: oO Abysinian Male. Captain Parker owned one of them. Sir...Sir Arthur...something. Oo

:: The Gorn knelt down and stroked the cat gingerly. ::

Nugra: Hello, little one. What are you doing out in this cold?

Keyes: Lord Wellington come here at once and leave that poor man alone.

:: Nugra turned and he felt the world shift when he saw a young woman with red hair and green eyes. He staggered slightly and braced himself upon the stone. ::

Keyes: Pardon me, I do hope he didn't disturb you.

Nugra: ::Shock:: Parker...Captain...Megan?!?

Keyes: I'm Megan ... Megan Keyes. Are you looking for someone?

Nugra: I was...I was looking for you, Captain Parker.

:: Nugra stepped forward trying to make it here. ::

:: What he told her made her take a step back ... confusion clouded her mind. ::

Keyes: I'm sorry ... you're mistaken.

:: She quickly picked up Lord Wellington and turned to walk briskly away ... but he followed. She could sense him and after a moment she turned again to confront him. ::

Keyes: You're mistaken. My name is Megan Keyes, I was born and raised here.

:: He cradled her cat with her left arm, her right hand raised and pressed the side of her head ... which suddenly began to throb. ::

Keyes: My husband ... is in space, a scientist ... but I'm here, I've always been here.

Nugra: You were the Captain of the USS Aurora...You served with me on the Victory.

:: The pain in her head began to rise ... the pressure building, as he continued her world went black. She collapsed to the cold, wet ground. ::

:: Nugra saw Megan stumble and he stepped forward closer. ::

Nugra: Hey, hey. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to overwhelm you. Is there somewhere I can take you? Somewhere warm?

:: Nugra saw Megan stumble and he stepped forward closer, catching her before she fell. The Gorn carried Megan's limp form toward the nearest set of houses. The first house he came to appeared empty, but at the next an older woman appeared as he knocked on the door. ::

O'Conner: Oh my ... what happened to her?

Nugra: She just fainted, Ma'am. Do you have a place I can put her?

:: The older woman lead the Gorn into the house. ::

O'Conner: Put her here on the sofa, I'll put on some tea and ring the doctor.

:: Nugra towered past the small woman and placed her on the faded sofa that sat against the wall of the cozy home. ::

:: The woman left Nugra alone with the slumbering body of Megan. A few moments later she called out from what he assumed was the kitchen.  ::

O'Conner: I'm Eliane O'Conner, Megan is my niece ... well great-niece. Her father was my sister's son. Now he was a little ball of fire that one.

:: She returned carrying a platter, with a small steaming teapot and two cups, along with containers of sugar and cream. ::

O'Conner: Sugar ... cream?

Nugra: uh...yes?

:: Nugra looked at the tiny cup her was handed and gripped it by the pointed claw of his forefinger and thumb. The little handle was to small for him to fit his finger through.

O'Conner: We were so proud of Megan when she joined Star fleet now we don't even dare mention it.

Nugra: I don't understand? Captain Parker...I mean, Keyes, was said to have died aboard the USS Aurora. Is she okay?

O'Conner: She wasn't the same happy girl she was when she left, it's like something died inside of her. The doctor said she'd had a breakdown. We don't talk about it, I'm sure she will in her own time. Now she just needs to find herself so to speak.

:: Seeing the Gorn sit down his cup. ::

O'Conner: More tea?

:: Nugra had resisted the gag reflex of the strange human concoction and politely held his hand out apologetically. ::

Nugra: I'm good, thank you.

O'Conner: Where was I? Oh yes, its like part of her didn't come back, the doctor says it will .... soon we hope. For now we just have to be there for her and give her room.

:: She gets very serious now. ::

O'Conner: You say you're a friend of hers ... now that's the problem. She's not ready for you it seems, perhaps someday ... but not now. The doctor suggests, and I agree, that its best if you leave now. Give her time, I can't say how much, but I'm sure she'll come around.

:: She reaches out and pats the Gorn's knee. ::

O'Conner: Sometimes the best thing to do is the hardest. You have to trust me on this.

:: Nugra stood and looked at the sleeping woman who had been his friend and companion for two years aboard the USS Victory. The woman who had held his own brother in her arms as he died from the blow of an assassin's blade. At the moment, he saw the glistening broach holding her scarf around her neck. It was intricately carved stone with the symbol of his family etched in the center. A gift, no doubt, from his long dead brother Morg. The Gorn nodded with finality. ::

Nugra: I am her friend, Ma'am, and I owe her a a debt I can never repay. Please, if she ever regains any sort of memory and wishes to speak to me, please let her know I'm still alive and around. I'm stationed in the Luxis System at the Embassy on Duronis II.

:: The old woman nodded her assent and the Gorn backed out of the door giving one last look at his friend who he thought was dead. ::

Nugra: Get well, my friend, you are stronger than you think.

:: With more purpose and meaning in his life, Nugra made his way back to Naul and the shuttle to the new USS Thunder-A. ::

Lieutenant Commander Nugra
Chief of Security & Tactical
USS Thunder-A
Embassy, Duronis II


Captain Megan Parker, Ret.
Commanding Officer
USS Aurora