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OOC:This is a list of people Nugra considers close friends but has been moved to this page due to the players no longer being a member of UFOP: Starbase 118 RPG.

The Friends Nugra Has

Toni Turner

Though unusual in the Federation, Gorn Security operated as bodyguards for their captains and the highest ranking officer had the honor of protecting the Commanding Officer of the vessel. This is something Nugra has enforced on his own accord believing it is his duty to protect her no matter the cost.

William Tindall

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William Tindall had become Nugra's mentee after Tindall's demotion to Ensign. Nugra wanted to turn him into the best security officer in the Fleet, but both have butted heads. Tindall has a sense of humor and Nugra is infamous for having none. In the end, Tindall was re-instated and they became good friends.

Talia Kaji

At first, Nugra found Doctor Kaji to be rather annoying and always asking questions she shouldn't, but the Rodulan doctor wormed her way into his heart and he considers her a friend...though he won't ever say it out loud. Over the years that he has served with her and his long leave from Starfleet has shown him that he has fallen in love with the woman, but is unsure how to proceed.

Sundassa Faranster

Meeting aboard the holodeck ship USS Centris, Nugra saw a lot of potential in her. She scored well and something about the young Antosian struck him. Deciding to invest in her career, the Gorn followed her career offering advice and being present and both her promotion to Lieutenant Commander and Captain. Since then they have become extremely good friends.

Selene Faranfey

Selene came from a future where ninety percent of the galaxy had died. Haunted by what The Hunger did and swearing never to let it happen in this galaxy, she and Nugra had much in common. Working together to stop a gate from opening, the two discovered that the bonds she had developed as Sundassa Faranster were still strong and their friendship did not wane.

It was strange for him to have both of the women as a friend but their distinct personalities convinced him they were two separate people, both inseparable from him.