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Miri system Star  · I  · II  · III  · IV  · V  · VI  · VII


  • it's orbit is approximately 149 million km from it's star
  • a earth like planet with a diameter of 12,664 km (7,915 miles).
  • a density of 5.5 and a gravity of 1.0 G's
  • an earth like atmosphere with a pressure of about 1.0 earth normal, with nitrogen 72%, oxygen 23% and other gases 3%
  • it has an axial tilt of 23% that results in earth like seasonal variations
  • temperatures and environmental conditions are extremely earth like
  • surface water over 76% of the planets surface with 69% of that being salt water oceans
  • with a year of 365 days, each day is 24 hours long
  • it has a population of 600,000
  • They have applied for admission into the Federation but have not yet been accepted


Extensive surveys both from before and after the disaster show that the planets resource types and amounts available are extremely earth like.


  • it has 1 medium moon
  • Miri IVa: is 2,798 km (1,749 miles) in diameter, with a density of 4.8 and a gravity of 0.19 G's. It orbits the planets surface at a height of 31,660 km. (19,787 miles)


According to the history of the inhabitants which has taken extensive research and investigation to confirm, the original settlers were a mix of genetically enhanced and normal humans. Refugees from the Eugenic Wars. No documentation remains with information on the numbers of settlers or the transport ships used but it is believed that this occured dureing Earth's first colonization wave into outer space.

These colonists were isolationists who violently repulsed the first attempt to contact them by a later expedition from Earth, and so no further contact was attempted. As it turned out, the Miri system was in a "backwater" part of the galaxy that subsequent years of Earth-based space exploration passed by, and so the belligerent colony was easily ignored and almost forgotten. To further complicate matters all records regarding this first contact was misfiled as occureing on the opposite side of Sol in the Ophiucus 70 star system.

Around 300 years before the events shown in the Miri File, scientists on Miri IV (misfiled as Ophiucus IV) developed the experimental life-prolongation project that resulted in the deaths of every adult on the planet. It is believed that this project was a continuation of one started on Earth. This would explain why they traveled so far from Earth before establishing the colony and why they violently repulsed Earth's first attempt at contact years later.

Over the following 300 years most of the records were either destroyed by the children who survived or allowed to deteriorate.

With the arrival of the USS Enteprise and her crew a cure was found. See Federation Intelligence Files for more information on this meeting.

A survey of the population, planet wide at this time found that only 23,986 children still survived. With the assistance of a Federation team of experts the children were educated. The skills they learned would allow them to meet the daily survival needs of their colony.

Since then they have grown slowly, both in population and in recovery. The survivors have attempted to creat a new society. In 2341 after 75 years their population had only grown to just under 150,000. The last of the Federation teachers and advisers left that year.

In 2361 a meeting of the elected council decided to open up Miri IV to settlement by off worlders. This lead to further debate and a final agreement that any federation citizen would be automatically accepted. All other would be colonists would be considered, then voted on.

In 2376 the colony applied to become a member of the Federation. They are still awaiting final approval.


The original settlers were from Earth. They were a group that fled from that world during the first wave of colonists seeking a better life in space. This would make them refugees from the Eugenic Wars. The colony was lost in history until discovered by the USS Enteprise. See Federation Intelligence Files for more information on this meeting.

Since then a number of other races have settled on Miri.


After opening the planet up to colonization they had to reorganize their government to allow these new colonists to have some form of political representation with in their government. This resulted in the following temporary system being adobted.

They have a representative government with the majority of seats held by native born Miran's. These 6 are selected to represent the 6 different regions and areas outside of the city of Cru'ela.

Then they also have 3 more who are elected from the city of Cru'ela and are considered the senior councilors. These 3 preside over all meetings of the Miri Planetary Council. This gives them a total of 9 representatives on the council.

Each of the immigrant colonies has 1 representative on the Planetary Council, except for the Cath'henians who have not sent anyone and do not seem to be interested at this time in participateing in the planetary government. This gives the immigrants 7 representatives.

As of 238603.20 the government is being reorganized following a visit by the USS Eagle. This is a result of the diplomatic visit by Captain Taboo who was present during a historic session of the Planetary council. Captain Taboo was there as an observer for the Federation.

The new government will be an elected body of councilors. They will also have a president who will also be elected by the population to preside over the council. This council will then select individuals to run the various ministries that will report to and work for the government.

Under the newly proposed elected government the Council will go from it's current 16 councilors to 24.


As of 238604.01, a number of government Ministries were founded to look after and handle various aspects of the the Mirian peoples needs. These include the Mirian Ministry of Justice, Mirian Ministry of Trade and Transportation, Mirian Ministry of Health, Mirian Ministry of Defense, Mirian Ministry of Culture and Race Relations, Mirian Ministry of Industry and the Mirian Ministry of Planetary Development.

A number of provisions were also put in place that would allow for the creation or adjustment of the various ministries based on the demand and need of the people and it's government.


Due to the enormity of the disaster that threatened to wipe them out as a people over the 300 years while they suffered under the curse of the life prolonging drug, their is currently no organized religion of any type on this world among the native born population. The average individual seeks out the mythologies and rituals of other religions and yet when asked they may refer to their religious actions as one of seeking but never finding. As a result of the enormity of lifespans that had occurred there became a lack of satisfaction with any religion that was organized into ritualized worship sessions because of the mundane nature that developed. Seeking what is new was an ever increasing act for the Miri in their creation of life systems and mannerisms.

The immigrants have brought their own religions with them.


Captain James T. Kirk of the USS Enteprise describes this planet as an uncanny replica of Earth. In many ways this is even truer than he knew. Miri has climate zones, polar ice caps, temperatures and weather identical to Earth in the 1900's.

All the land mass is divided between 3 continents with maybe 3 dozen islands scattered around the planet. The largest continent is called Atlantium and is just north of the equator and is almost twice the size of the next smaller continent which is called Oceania. The last continent is called Pigmeos and unlike the other two is fairly desolate with a number of active volcanoes.


They have a rather diverse set of native lifeforms covering birds, mammals, reptiles and sealife.


Just over 40 years ago the colony finally became selfsufficent. Prior to that it required the financial, material and educational support of the Federation to survive. What little surplus they produce now goes towards improveing conditions on world.


They currently have a total population of just over 600,000 with only 300,000 of that being decendents of the original settlers. The other 300,000 are immigrants. These other settlements are made up of the following races, 60,000 Humans, 50,000 Denobulans, 45,000 Bolians, 40,000 Tellarites, 30,000 Deltans, 30,000 Andorians, 25,000 Caitians and 20,000 Cath'henians.


There are 8 main cities scattered over the planet's surface. One for each of the 9 current factions except the desert dwellers which break down simply as 7 of the 8 immigrant races and the native born Mirans. The native born Mirians live in or near their capitol city of Cru'ela. This is located on the largest continent Atlantium. It is situated on the east coast, on the north side of a large fresh water river. The land around it is fairly flat and extremely fertile. To the north about 32 km away are some mountains and to the south about 28 km away is a rugged terrain of dense woodlands and rough ground.

On the same continent, is the Terran colony centered around the city of Europa. It is about 170 km north, up the east coast from the Miri capitol. A major mountain chain seperates them. The Terran community is located on a large sheltered bay backed by grasslands and gentle rolling hills.

On the west coast of the same continent is the Denobulan colony, located in a long 128 km by 11 to 39 km tract of fertile land along the coast, backed by a mountain chain that blocks it off from the rest of the continent. The central community is called Drubin.

About 300 km west of the main continent is the 2nd largest continent Oceania which has the Bolian colony on the east coast centered around their capitol of Bomar.

On the opposite coast is the Tellarite colony centered around their capitol of Swin'hoggs.

In the middle of this continent is a vast desert called the Miran Desert which has become the home to the Cart'henian colony. They do not have a central community but are scattered all over the desert in small tribal gatherings.

Their is a large island covered in tropical jungles that is over 140 km wide and 98 km long that the Caitians have claimed for themselves. They have named it Ssar'venaa.

On another island north of them that is roughly the same size the Deltans have built their colony. This island has tropical plants but it also has a large well situated bay with a number of fresh water rivers running into it. They have named this island Eros.

Last of all the Andorians have claimed a long narrow island close to the south pole. This land mass has a large number of glaciers all over the southern part of the land mass. The northern coast of the land mass has a large protected area that they call Ando.

Space Capability

The various colonies each have about a half dozen used short range shuttle craft of their own races design. The native Mirians have over a dozen used short range shuttles that they have purchased off various different races. They also have 3 used long range shuttles. All 3 are of different design and were purchased off a different race.

At this time they do not own any freighters. For now they hire or rent freighters to transport goods to and from their world.

At this time they do not have any orbiting man made structures of any kind.

Federation Intelligence Files

Extensive search of Earth records from the Eugenics War period, plus the following recovery years has resulted in the recovery of a few documents that support the belief that the colony on Miri IV was founded by colonists from earth during the first wave of space colonization. (1990 to 2030)

This is further supported by the isolationist attitude taken by the governing body during early contact with space explorers from Earth. As a result no further contact was established until Captain James T. Kirk of the USS Enteprise answered a distress call in 2266.

See Starfleet records File: Miri - 2266-2847-ENT for a complete record of the USS Enteprise actions on the surface of the planet.

To understand why Miri IV looks so much like Earth see Hodgkin's Law of Parallel Planetary Development.

Starfleet records covering the period from 2266 to 2341, the 75 years during which they had Federation advisors, medical support and technical staff on world to assist can be found in File: Miri - 2266-2341-SUP.

Starfleet records covering the period from 2361 to 2385, the 24 years during which they have been actively seeking offworld settlers and the Federation has been supplying advisors to assist with this colonization can be found in File: Miri - 2361-2385-COL.

On stardate 238511.20 the USS Eagle sent an away team to investigate complaints being made by various councilors that the colonists needs and issues were being ignored or not taken seriously by the native born Mirians. See Starfleet records from the USS Eagle labeled File:Eagle - 0000-0096 - a Visit to Miri IV for more information.

For a complete list of important native born Mirians see Federation Intelligence File labeled File: Miri - Native Born. For a complete list of important colonists see Federation Intelligence File labeled File: Miri - Colonists.

As of 238603.20 the government of Miri IV was reorganized. The new planet wide government adobted the following as its Mirian Declaration of Independance. The document was a blend of the previous pre-colonist charter that opened Miri IV to colonization and certain revisions that provided for a more cohesive central government to represent the needs of the entire population as a whole.