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Mission Archive-2395
Mithgiln in the Wild
  • Stardate 239510.31-239601.03
    • During the Eagle's first mission in the Aavaro Wilds they encounter two new species, the Mithgiln and the Verellians. The former helping the latter with a plague the crew must decide how, and if, they can help.

'Ordering' History
  • Stardate 239601.03-239602.15
    • The Cardassian Democratic Union has asked the Federation for assistance in retrieving an ancient artifact on Edrov VII. The USS Eagle Has been sent to aid in the recovery.
Cleanliness Protocol
  • Stardate 239603.07-239604.24
    • The USS Eagle responds to a distress signal from a freighter carrying passengers.
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Holy Orders
The Hidden Missionaries Orb.png
The Hidden Missionaries
  • Stardate 239608.23-239611.03
    • Shortly after an awards ceremony at The Spike, explosions shook the station, launching the crew of the USS Eagle into an investigation as to the source of the explosions.
Bear No Evil
  • Stardate 239611.25-239701.15
    • After being dispatched to bring bioneural gel packs to the first Federation colony in the Aavaro Wilds on Saldhada, the crew of the Eagle has to contend with more than than just the unique energy conditions.
If This Goes On...
  • Stardate 239702.11-Present
    • The crew has been tasked to the Dialran System, the home of a large Ring-like structure orbiting a star.