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Intelligent Lifeform Index

Four Letter Code AMEO
Federation Status Neutral
Planet of Origin Veqlargh Bal III
Encountered First encountered by the Klingons
T/E Rating T0/E0
Current Tech Level N (Unknown)
List of Named Ameoneians

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"We thought the stars to be beacons of hope, wonder and mystery, we were wrong. They were cruel, harboring the invaders, lulling us into a false sense of security, then crushing us, pushing us to the edge, forcing us to become something we were not. It is a lesson we will never forget."
a Ameoneian statement.
The Ameoneian were a peaceful species, one with no knowledge of anger, violence or terror. That is until the Klingons invaded and gave them a crash course, brutalizing them, turning them into a conquered people. They learned from their masters, learned and waited till the time was right then they rose up and forced them out, regaining their independence but at a massive price.

Home System

  • Quadrant: Beta
  • Location: Trinity Sector (coordinates B27-0002-1300 )
  • Proper Name: Veqlargh Bal (inside Klingon space)
  • Star: It orbits a class M (Red) star
  • Distance from Star: it's orbit is approximately 81 million km
  • Companions: 5 other planets. It is the 3rd planet in the system

Home World

  • Proper Name: Veqlargh Bal III
  • Diameter: 16,058 km (9,978 miles)
  • Gravity: 1.06 standard gravity with a density of 5.8
  • Axial Tilt: 04.87%, with minor seasonal changes
  • Orbital Period: 417 days
  • Rotational Period: 22 hours
  • Classification: M
    • Surface Water: 57%
    • Atmosphere: 1.07 is a standard pressure with 75% nitrogen, 24% oxygen, 1% trace chemicals
    • Climate: Warm semi-tropical with tropical at the equator.
    • Population: Just over 1 billion with about another 3 billion scattered across the Veqlargh Star Cluster.


Pre Invasion

The following information may or may not be accurate. It has been compiled from early Klingon records.

The Ameone homeworld was one of perfect weather, bountiful crops and an abundance of raw materials. Life was easy and they quickly advanced. With life being so easy, an entire section of their society was specialised, devoting their entire lives to scientific research, technology and the machines or devices needed for further advances, they were collectively named the builders.

At the same time 2 other specialized groups came into being. One was the priests who were responsible for the medical, spiritual and mental health of the people. As with the builders they were able to make astounding advances in medical treatments and life sciences. The last group was the nobility. They organized projects, research, construction, etc.

With all the advances in health and food production the population grew till a solution was needed to solve the very real possibility of the planet facing overpopulation. Space travel, terraforming and genetic manipulation to make different food types grow within the various different planetary conditions they were transported to were made a reality.

It was about 100 years after this that the Klingons made contact. Prior to this contact they had no crime, no wars and no recorded occurrence of any kind of conflict. In fact they had no words in their vocabulary to express these concepts.

Klingon Occupation

The Klingons named this cluster of stars after their word for Demons. Over 4 hundred years ago they discovered a race called the Ameone's that lived in this star cluster. They were a scientifically and technologically advanced race of peaceful artists, farmers and builders. They had colonies in all 6 star systems and had terraformed or were in the process of terriforming other planets within this cluster.

The Klingons took over, established military garrisons on every world and colony, cancelled the wasteful terraforming projects in favour of producing factories devoted completely to the manufactory of military equipment. Installed curfews, strict laws and abolished the established government of ruling families, the priesthood and the builders guild.

For over 10 years the Klingons occupied this region with out a single incident of rebellion. Then suddenly overnight they lost over 3/4 of the fleet guarding this region. Every single military garrison building was blown up. The Ameone's had constructed powerful explosives, smuggled them into, onto or near ever important Klingon military ship, base, building, etc. Then in the same moment across the entire 6 star cluster, BOOM, every explosive was activated at the same time.

What followed was the bloodiest war in Klingon history. A war they lost. The Ameone used suicide bombers, suicide attack craft, installed the largest known space mine fields, flooding all the space around all 6 stars and the space between them. These mines were equipped with primitive cloaking technology, sensor scrambling technology and even with transporter technology that would transport the mine into contact with any object that got to close.

They had also installed weapons platforms on asteroids, moving many into positions where they would be more effective.

The Klingons finally had to call off the war as any ship that tried to enter the cluster would be destroyed by either the mines or the weapon platforms. Any troops with in the cluster were lost. The Ameone refused to respond to any communications, in fact they increased the number of jamming devices to the point that no messages can be transmitted through or into this region of space.

In all the Klingons lost more than 9 million troops, 273 warships, 169 troop transports and over 100 freighters.

After the War

What is known is that according to Klingon Military records the Ameone race suffered just as greatly if not even more terrible losses than the Klingon forces. Whole colonies were supposedly wiped out. Planetary terraforming efforts were negated and their homeworld suffered from massive orbital fire missions.

For over 300 years the Ameoneian stayed hidden behind their massive mine fields, asteroid weapons platforms and proliferation of jamming technology that has made this region of space almost impossible to scan. The Klingons avoid this region of space and no Klingon ships are allowed to enter. As a result very little is know about the current state of the Ameone race with in the borders of the Veqlargh Star Cluster.

Just over 50 years ago they sent a scout craft out of the Cluster. This ship was prepared for the worst but encountered the Velorians instead. Surprisingly these 2 species found some common ground and established peaceful relations. This eventually developed into an alliance.


Originally they had a well established system of hereditary nobility that ruled and controlled every aspect of their society. Then the Klingons invaded and set up a military governorship on each planet. During the war that followed their rebellion over half their total population was killed.

Obviously they developed a new system of government during their 300 plus years of seclusion. Now each colony has a governor who is the highest ranking noble in that colony. Most of the rest of the noble class are split between being officers in their military and holding down all the senior civilian government offices. Junior positions are now occupied by builders or clerics.

This is not the only major change for them. These governors now report to a Chancellor who can and does influence how and what happens on these colonies. He is responsible for the well being of the entire collective. Added to this change is the creation of a new 5th class of citizens who are exclusively warriors.

Over time they developed contacts with other species. Mostly these were peaceful, some were aggressive and with the Klingons it was downright hostile. At one point it almost broke out into another war. As a result of this anti-Klingon sentiment they were receptive to the idea of allying themselves with the Velorians. Following the Hobus star disaster inside the Romulan empire the talks took on a new aspect and eventually resulted in the formation of the Thracian Alliance. Governor Alnorias was elected as the first President of the Thracian Alliance and First Minister Shera of Veloria commanding a majority in the newly formed legislature became Prime Minister. Given this racial split, former Ameoneian Chancellor, Virandri was nominated as Chief Justice of the Thracian Supreme Court in order to maintain equality and unanimously approved by parliament.


The average Ameone is fairly tall and slim. On average males are slightly taller than the females and both are usually more than 6' tall. Males weigh on average between 160 and 170 lbs, while females weight on average 150 to 160 lbs.

Their heads are very tall and slim as well and generally a dark purplish in color. Their facial structure and musculature seems to make facial expressions difficult as even a smile tends to come across to most other species as a snarl. Their eye's are usually a dark violet color and with in a sunken ring around their eyes. They have a blunt nose ending just above the mouth with two large nostrils facing out. They have a large flaring flap of skin that extends up from the forehead and above the hair line and the top of the head which is bumpy and ridged. Under this the men have very short black feather like hair that fades to browns and changes texture and appearance to look more like frizzy unkempt hair at the base of the neck. The females on the other hand have dark reddish brown feather like hair at the top starting under the skin flap that fades to more traditional hair textures and changes color to light brown, oranges and reddish colored hair. They have 3 very long slim fingers and 1 thumb. Other than their hair color their is no outward obvious way to tell the 2 sex's apart.

The class of the individual can be determined almost instantly from what they wear. Clerics wear long cream colored robes. Builders wear earth tones with their clothes being more functional and workers wear various shades of greens depending on the jobs or duties they have. The nobles have soft, rich, vibrant colours usually in robes but if the individual is a military officer then he will wear pure black. The warrior class wears functional clothes that are a light gray.


Most of the medical data available has been obtained from Klingon records. They seem to indicate that as a species the Ameone are very healthy. They have a high tolerance to many different climates and environments. A strong immune system that prevents most infections and diseases from becoming too dangerous. Other than that they are fairly typical of most intelligent humanoids with complex specialized internal organs and unique body chemistries.


According to Klingon records which may or may not be entirely accurate the people's mentality depends on their position in their society. Workers accept that they exist for only one reason and that is to serve, work and obey the gods. The builders create new designs, ideas, factories, machines, tools and other scientific advances. Thinkers and dreamers, all that matters to them is the next challenge.

The nobles never do any physical work, everything including getting dressed in the morning is done for them. The misfortunes or conditions affecting the people are no concern of theirs. The only thing that matters is that everyone does their jobs. The priests tend the sick, perform weddings and funerals. They deliver babies and council those who need to talk to some one. They also keep records of every single person and how diligently they observe their religious obligations.

It is logical to guess that much has changed with this species as they now have a 5th class devoted completely to being soldiers and a greatly reduced noble class. Regardless they still tend to be a very calm, relaxed spiritual people.


The Ameone had a very complex set of god's and demi gods. The Klingon records are very limited but they do make note of the following. The gods were divided into 3 families. The 3 families represented the 3 important groups in their society.

The gods brought order, stability, fortune and life. Every member of the Ameone race regardless of age, sex or position within their society was expected to visit a temple for at least 1 hour every day. Even the sick were expected to observe this and attend service.


The Klingons were not interested in this aspect of Ameone society so they never made any records of this data. Since they made contact with the Velorians and other species some new data has become available. It seems that every individual with in their pantheon of gods has a series of legends and tales that record their various adventures.


Before the Klingon occupation the Ameone had a well defined social structure. There were 3 important groups, comprised of the nobility, priests and the builders. Everyone else was a worker, creating a 4th class. The nobility organized and controlled the economy. Made the decisions regarding what the workers and builders would do. The priests kept the people happy. The builders created new ideas, new tools, better equipment.

After they drove the Klingons out of their space their socierty underwent a radical change. A new, 5th class of individuals was created. This warrior class was dedicated to training and prepareing for war. However even with the many changes that occured they still remained a very peaceful people with a strong moral and spiritual element to their every day lives.


The Ameone have a great love for the arts. All of the visual artistic forms of expression as well as the musical versions are respected and enjoyed by all classes. However they do not seem to be that interested in the musical art forms of other species or even that many of the other artistic forms of expression as well. There are a few rare exceptions but for the most part they prefer their own traditional art forms.


It seems like each class has it's own traditions and customs and they are not for sharing with outsiders or even those not a member of their own class. As a result their is no confirmed records regarding this aspect of their society.


At the time of the Klingon occupation the Ameone race were extremely well advanced in many areas. However they did not have any weapons. They had never needed weapons. According to research conducted by a Professor Siron, the Ameone had advanced to a state 350 years ago that the Federation has only just reached in the last 50 years.

There does not seem to have been much in the way of advancement since then. If anything it seems like they have stagnated. It is believed that this was due to the amount of damage and rebuilding that had to be done on all colonies. They probably concentrated on rebuilding rather than research and it is believed they have just switched back some of their efforts to research.


They have established a strong trade network with a number of other species. The strongest and most advantagous trade deal is with the Velorians with almost 50% of all off world trade being conducted with them.


Prior to the Klingon invasion and occupation of the Veqlargh Star Cluster they had no weapons, knowledge of warfare or even words within their vocabulary to describe or explain aggressive and violent acts. That is no longer the case. They now have massive mine fields, asteroid weapons platforms and a proliferation of jamming technology that has made the Veqlargh Star Cluster region of space almost impossible to scan or enter.

Since they voluntarily ended their seclusion and became members of the Thracian Alliance they have revealed the existance of a new 5th class of citizens who are warriors. They have also revealed a number of different class's of warships as well.

Federation Intelligence Files

First discovered by the Klingons who invaded and set up military control of all their colonies the Ameone quickly drove them out and cut off all contact with all the species outside the Veqlargh Star Cluster. That is up till about 50 years ago when they finally emerged after more than 300 years of isolation. Since then they have established peaceful relations with a few species and became founding members in the Thracian Alliance.


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