Miri Planetary Council

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History of the Council

When the old government of Miri IV made the decission to open up their world to settlement by off worlders they made changes to the way their government was organized. These changes resulted in the creation of a planetary government. This would take the form of a council with representatives from each major community and colony except for the City of Cru'ela which would automatically have 3 councilors.

By 238603 the Planetary council had grown to 16 members with 3 from the city of Cru'ela, 1 from each of the 6 native Mirian communites that had been settled and created prior to the opening of their world to off world settlement, and finally 1 representative from each of the 7 new colonies settled by various races.

On 238604.01 the entire system of government was changed. This change was due to the old councils agreement that under their current organization their request to join the Federation would probally never be accepted. They needed a more organized government that would promote growth and development for the entire population of their world.

As a result of the debates that took place dureing a special meeting of the Planetary Council which were observed by the Federations offical representative Captain Taboo of the USS Eagle. These changes were finally agreed upon and quickly put into effect.

The major changes to the government would result in the new council haveing 1 representative elected for every 25,000 citizens. They would have a President elected by the entire planets population to oversee the government and a group of Ministries that would be run by a Minister and Deputy Minister selected by the council.

Council Breakdown

Under the new government created on 238604.01 the new council's make up was as follows. The Deltans, Andorians, Caitians and Cart'henians have 1 Councilor each. The Denobulans, Bolians and Tellerites each have 2 Councilors. The native born humans have 12 councilors while the new colony of humans in Europa also have 2 councilors. This resulted in a total of 24 Councilors on the Council.