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Jirissa Gardens is a private park located on the gentle rolling hills of Malak Island on Oscion. The Gardens, as the seaside park is known, is owned by House Rettaan. Lady Maylin of Rettaan holds her immensely popular parties here during capital season.

  • The Glass Palace. The Glass Palace is the super-luxury clubhouse of the Gardens. It derives its name from the immense transparasteel dome which covers its central ballroom. The interior is tastefully but lavishly decorated, and contains game rooms, a restaurant, several bars and club rooms, a large ballroom, libraries, a blaster range, art galleries, and other amenities. There is a series of guest rooms on the third floor, though these are reserved for Rettaan house members and honored guests.
  • Stables. The stables contain not only various mounts for the Garden's guests to ride, but also showers, changing rooms, and a small bathhouse where the guests can refresh themselves after a day of hard play.
  • Hanging Gardens. The Hanging Gardens are the centerpiece of the Jirissa Gardens, and Lady Maylin's pride and joy. Rare and delicate flowers from a hundred worlds bloom from the wooden trellises and flowerbeds of the gardens. The air is sweet with the pungent fragrance of the flowers - many secret assassinations take place beneath the eaves of the trellises.
  • Concert Shell. Open-air concerts are popular with the lords and ladies who frequent Jirissa Gardens, and most take place here. Many guests sit on the well-kept grass lawn on blankets, while others recline in comfortable folding chairs. During concerts, tables are set with refreshments.
  • Festival Pavilion. The Pavilion is the largest structure in the Gardens after the Glass Palace. There is a large indoor theater here for plays and concerts. There is a small dining room and a second ballroom, both of which look out over Jirissa Lake.
  • Amphitheatre. Nestled in a hillside, the amphitheatre is where outdoor plays are performed. The amphitheatre, built of stone and clay, is designed to compliment its natural surroundings.
  • Bathhouse. The bathhouse is a large split-level marble structure on a small hill overlooking both Jirissa Lake and the ocean. The upper level features three open (but covered) bathing pools. Potted plants, chairs, and other accommodations line the patio. The primary level is sealed against the elements. Its walls are covered in frescoes featuring beautiful scenes and marine animals native to Oscion.

The Gardens represents the decadent and wealthy lifestyle of the Par'tha nobles. Resorts like Jirissa Gardens are a chance for nobles to establish or re-affirm relationships and alliances and hatch new plots. Even while enjoying a concert or walking in the gardens, they are likely to be talking quietly with allies, wither about house affairs, or just gossiping (there is little difference between the two at this level of society).