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The advice given most often around Midway Station: "Don't get sick." The Infirmary on the station is a poorly equipped, run-down couple of rooms located off the promenade. They are not actually dirty and unkempt, but visitors get the feeling that they are. Nohgra could not find a doctor willing to spend his time on the station, so somehow the Klingon acquired, or more likely appropriated, an old Starfleet EMH Mark I, and had it installed in the Infirmary. The medical database is not as extensive as it could be, but the Doctor knows enough to deal with combat trauma, which is the most "popular" symptom, and most other forms of injury. He has even preformed some surgery when necessary.

Nohgra had the EMH's program modified a bit. Among the changes are the lack of loyalty to Starfleet, though the Hippocratic Oath remains, and the fact that a fee is required before the EMH can be activated. Unfortunately, no one was able to modify the bedside manner of the hologram, so the EMH remains blunt, impatient, and arrogant.