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Crew of the USS Artemis-A


Petty Officer Third Class Damien Black

Damien Jason Black is a Scientific & Technical Intelligence Analyst with Starfleet Intelligence, stationed on the USS Artemis-A.


  • Height: 1.72 m (5'8")
  • Hair: Raven Black, Long and Styled
  • Eyes: Grayish Greeny Blue
  • Posture: Relaxed, and always in your safe zone.
  • Voice: Sweet and captivating, so pleasant to relax and just be in his presence, even though he's touchy-feely (a lot).
  • Remarks: Damien has excessive tattoos on both his hands, neck, and right leg. In his free time he's working as a bartender at Artemis Lounge.


ESFJ-A / The Consul
Strengths Weaknesses
  • Making sure others feel cared for
  • Providing a warm, stabilizing presence for others
  • Paying careful attention to the details
  • Organized and Dependable
  • Strong Sense of Duty
  • Emotionally Dependent
  • Resistant to Change
  • Judgmental
  • Need for external validation
  • Difficulty setting boundaries
Damiens' Yearbook photo.


On Elrad

Damien was born three days before the mark of decade long Elthari occupation to his homeworld. His family was one of those who supported and benefited from the occupation, working as public servants to the planet authorities. He grew up in a safe world behind the high walls and barbed wire, hidden from the reality of Elthari troops raids, Bayran's insurgency, and the suffering of normal citizens who did not care about the politics, just unlucky of living out there, behind the wall. Well educated, in connection to the whole Galaxy, free to travel and enjoy a life of Federation standard provided by their “friends” from Elthari III.

He was fifteen years old when he first met someone who did not approve of the ways how the planet is governed. It was during the visit of the Federation delegation to his Advance Technologies Lyceum that he met a young and quite vocal Petty Officer, adjutant to Starfleet Commodore, who criticized the occupation in front of the whole school auditorium. Too late to break fifteen years of conditioning, but just enough to spark an interest in what is really happening with his homeworld.

He started to attend the school political club, whose agenda was to support people in need outside the District. It didn't take long for him to meet the rubber end of the Elthari friendship and get beaten up by the Elthari Riot Unit just for peacefully protesting against the death of a fellow student from another school outside the District caused by Bayran's Milicija. He was lucky; his father used his influence and political capital, and Elthari let Damien go. Others were not that lucky, as a year sentence in the reeducation camp - how Elthari called the graphene mines on the Bayran's moon – was quite normal for others, who did not have connections or money, who ended up beaten and arrested that day.

After this accident, the school dissolved his political club, and Damien finished his education without another accident. He took it as a life lesson. In the end, he did not know another life than the one he lived under occupation. And his occupation experience was a life of abundance.

His Early Career in Starfleet

Damien always wanted to be an explorer in the stars, and his family was supporting him in his dreams. So when he finished his studies, he was thinking about joining the Frontier Fleet, a part of the Elthari military that is responsible for “maintaining the friendship and peace between Eltharia and Bayran”, and visited the recruitment office of Frontier Fleet to apply to their Academy. He passed all tests and interviews, but in the end, he listened to his application officer, who saw the potential and ideals in him and recommended him a different path. That AO transferred his application to Starfleet Academy and even arranged for him to visit the Academy campus. Damien was in the seventh heavens.

Months later, he failed the requirements and was ultimately not admitted, but his results were good enough for him to join the Starfleet Corps of Engineers as an enlisted specialist. He took a chance and never looked back.

After nine months, he completed his training as a Computer Systems Specialist and was posted to USS Narendra. He was kind, hardworking, and conscientious, so when his year and a half in uniform marked the date for the promotion, he was in the first line. With promotion came the transfer to SB 118. He continued in his work, with the same appeal and diligence as he worked on board of Narendra. The only thing that was different was the fact that his superiors did not appreciate his hyperactive, focused and touchy-feely personality. So, when another year passed, he wrote him the “best employee you will ever have” recommendation for promotion, hoping he would get rid of him. Promotion passed, but with transfer... that was something not in the stars. Almost. Week before the promotion ceremony, Eltharia was granted candidate status to the Federation, after fifty years from the first contact. One word led to another and Damien became a hot commodity. SFI and a certain LtJG were so lucky to have him at the same time. One side was happy to have him in, and the other had him out. What A Wonderful World...

As the person who received an Elthari classical education and engineering classes, Damien can understand the meaning of the Elthari language and their tech code, which was definitively the reason why he was in the scope of SFI recruitment, altogether with his “positive” career record. They threw in a few tidbits about the life of an agent-analyst, and they didn't even have to talk him out of it. He begged them for Intelligence training in no time. After neccessary vetting process he joined SFI, and six months later, he completed the training just in time for his transfer to Artemis Intelligence Office.
For no specific reason...



Irad & Nelen
Beloved parets
Damiens' parents care for him and his siblings a great deal. They raised their children to be decent, caring people, who will have a good life.
For this, they brought a great sacrifice to enable the future for their children they could never have.
Big Bro
Damiens' older brother and his favored person in the family. He is a singer, one of the most popular planetwide.
He was leading Bayran's Hot 100 music chart for seven conclusive weeks with his last single "Our Fight".
Sis he miss the most
Damiens' twin sister, and his partner in crime. Together they enjoyed to grow up with all the benefits of their bound. They tasted the first steps, first school classes, first alcohol and hangover, first boys and girls, first love... everything alltogether, unseparately. First time they got separated from each other was during their high school studies, as Damien wanted to be engineer, she wanted to serve law and justice. She was killed in the line of duty in 2399.
Family nipper
Damiens' younger brother. He is still a boy, trapped in the hell of K-12 education. His father's pride, who sees himself in him.

Service History

Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
PICstyle-recruit gold.png
Recruit 239701.03-239707.30 Starfleet Academy
PICstyle-crew2 gold.png
CR2 239707.02-239901.17 USS Narendra
USS Narendra.jpg
System Analyst
PICstyle-crew1 gold.png
CR1 239901.18-240003.10 StarBase 118
System Analyst
PICstyle-po3 black.png
PO3 240003.11-240009.25 StarBase 118
Analyst in training
PICstyle-po3 black.png
PO3 240009.25-Present USS Artemis-A
S&TI Analyst
PICstyle-blank silver.png
None 240009.25-Present USS Artemis-A
Brew Continuum Barista

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