Ferri Emlott

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StarBase 118
Ferri Emlott.png
Ferri Emlott
Position Diplomat's Aide
Rank Civilian
Species Cardassian
Gender Female
DOB 237719.04
Age 23
Birthplace Cardassia Prime
Writer ID J239809TA4

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Ferri Emlott
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Starbase 118 OpsUSS Excalibur-AFNS

Ferri Emlott is part of Trovek Arys and Lukin Zorkal's Family and currently residing on Starbase 118. She works as Lukin Zorkal's aide and enrolled in a Starfleet Academy preparatory course.


Ferri was born shortly after the Dominion War, and grew up in the ruins of Cardassia Prime. Despite experiencing hardship such as disease and the death of her mother, Ferri discovered her artistic talent and visited one of Cardassia's more prestigious universities when she turned sixteen years of age.

She was a promising student until her younger sister Kara Emlott disappeared and Ferri became obsessed with finding out what happened to her. While Ferri never got an answer to that question, her investigation led to the death of two men, and Ferri was incarcerated and would have been sent to a labour camp if it wasn't for Garo, an ex Obsidian Order operative who offered her to work for him instead.

Missions and B-Plots

A few weeks after Ferri has been sent to Starbase 118, Ambassador Zorkal is poisoned.

When Arys and Lukin travel to Cardassia and decide to adopt Geleth. Lukin and Ferri part ways until Ferri finds out that the judge for Arys' adoption hearing has been reassigned. She warns Lukin and explains to him that she is not permitted to testify for them, but does not answer as to why that is.On the day of the hearing, Ferri meets with Garo, who does not like her growing attachment to Zorkal, Arys and Aine. He cautions her not to disappoint him by going against his wishes. During the hearing, however, when Ferri is asked if she wants to testify, she does so anyway. When Zorkal, Arys and Aine return to Starbase 118, Ferri is not with them, and it is not known what has happened to her.

Ferri is summoned into Garo's office. The Cardassian isn't happy with how Ferri disregarded his wishes, and in a long conversation explains to her that Zorkal and Arys pretend to be her friends, but in truth care very little about her - after all, they left Cardassian without even inquiring about her. Ferri believes Garo, as she always has. During a flashback, we learn of Garo and Ferri's relationship with each other. Brought to a detainment facility as punishment for killing the two men suspected to have killed her sister Kara, Ferri was tortured by the means of isolation and starvation. During that period of time, Garo was the only one treating her like a person, and ultimately saved her from being sentenced to live in a labour camp - or so Ferri believes. In truth, Garo was just as much part of a process designed to break the young woman's spirit as the cell and the guards, his aim to form a rebellious artist into a servant of Cardassia.

The Narendra's crew is on Bajor when they are asked to infiltrate a group of poachers. Ferri and Sherlock manage to gain the intel needed to apprehend them, but are discovered and flee into the forest where they are extracted by Zorkal's men.

Geleth and Ferri are kidnapped by Trovek Aaron, Arys' brother. As he throws Geleth into a lake to let her drown, Ferri jumps into the water to save her, and Lukin rescues Ferri.