Ferri Emlott

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StarBase 118
Ferri Emlott CIB.png
Ferri Emlott
Position Diplomat's Aide
Rank Civilian
Species Cardassian
Gender Female
DOB 237719.04
Age 21
Birthplace Cardassia Prime
Writer ID J239809TA4

Ferri Emlott was a Cardassian Visitor on Starbase 118.


  • Height: 5'7
  • Hair: black
  • Eyes: brown
  • Build: athletic
  • Skin Tone: grey
  • Birthmarks, Scars: not disclosed
  • Tattoos / Body Modifications: not disclosed
  • Taste in clothing: dark colors, comfortable, simple
  • Voice: modulated


  • Carriage: typical Cardassian pride, yet Ferri has a distinct ability to fade into the background
  • Mannerisms: polite, friendly, determined
  • Quarters: temporary quarters
  • Physical Limitations: none
  • Hobbies: not disclosed
  • Faith: Cardassian.
  • Temperament: calm
  • Personal Achievements: not disclosed
  • Languages Spoken: Cardassian (Native), Federation Standard (Advanced), Bajoran (Advanced), Klingon (Advanced), Romulan (Advanced)
  • Likes: not disclosed
  • Dislikes: not disclosed

Relationships: Family

  • Father: Arla Emlott
  • Mother: Selen Emlott (deceased)
  • Siblings: Kara Emlott (deceased)
  • Spouse: none
  • Children: none



Lukin Zorkal

Current liaison in the Cardassian Embassy on Starbase 118.

Officially, Ferri travelled to Starbase 118 after Zorkal had requested information about there whereabouts of Taril Zantett. While the requested information could have easily been provided through a secured channel, the opportunity was taken to place Ferri nearby. Over time, she was able to prove her usefulness to him, and was granted a position as his aide.

Vitor Tito Intel.png

Vitor Tito

Someone who turned out to be quite useful.

Tito quite literally bumped into Ferri, after which the two of them began talking. While Ferri is not aware of his position in Starfleet, she had identified him as an excellent source of information.

Trovek Arys LtJG.png

Trovek Arys

Friendship with limitations.

Ferri initially sought contact with Arys because of her connection to Lukin but was secretly thankful when the older woman showed her around the station and helped her to adjust to life on a Federation starbase. The two of them meet frequently for gelat, and while Arys helps Ferri to improve her Federation Standard, Ferri helps her to learn to cook Cardassian cuisine.

Aine Sherlock catching up.png

Aine Sherlock

A friend of a friend.

Aine and Ferri were set up on a 'blind date' by their mutual friend Arys. The two of them enjoyed their time together, until Aine had to leave One-Eighteen when her shore leave ended.

Background & Career History

Ferri Emlott was, for all intents and purposes, what the Federation wanted to see in a modern Cardassian woman. Born in the ruins of a destroyed Cardassia, and to parents who were part of the Hibalek - the service class, it was hard to blame her for any of the atrocities her species had committed.

The young woman often reflected on how lucky she had been.

Lucky because the phrase ‘times were tough’ barely managed to convey what it was like to grow up in a Cardassia that had lost so much of its ancient and rich culture, and that grieved the loss of so many of its citizen. Despite that, it would be wrong to pretend that she didn’t know how much she had benefited from the changes that Cardassia had been forced to undergo.

Lucky because, had Cardassia remained the same, Ferri would have grown up in her family, and learned a profession appropriate for someone like her. She would, perchance, have become a kanmaktivah - a governess like her mother had been, in service to one of the wealthier families. She would have strived to marry someone who would elevate the family further, been a good wife to her husband, and mother to her children. Instead, Ferri had grown up in a Cardassia where food and water were even more sparse than prior to the war. Where previously harmless diseases such as Craat’s killed the young, and where family no longer meant anything, because there was barely any family left intact. Society had crumbled, and it had taken years until a new and ‘reformed’ Cardassia rose from the ashes.

Lucky that she, as one of the frighteningly few surviving children that made it to their teenage years, had been able to attend the University of the Union, a school her family would never have been able to afford. Lucky because excellent performance was now rewarded more than ever, and having finished top of her class, Ferri had been promised a bright future - she hadn’t known just how bright that future would be until she accepted an intern position at the Cardassian Intelligence Bureau.

Even though the CIB that had replaced the Obsidian Order after its destruction, it couldn’t quite compete with the mystery that had surrounded it. Cardassia and its citizens were a lot more free than they had been before the war, but saying that she was working for the Cardassian Intelligence Bureau still put people on edge. As exciting as that sounded, Ferri wasn’t a glamorous spy or secret agent. She had a desk job, or rather, she assisted someone with a desk job.

And now that someone had sent her into Federation territory.

B-Plot: Bitter Medicine

Six months ago on Cardassia Prime, Loen Golnon is tasked to travel to Starbase 118 and make sure Ambassador Zorkal is slowed down enough in his work to be relieved of his position. On his way into Federation territory, he meets Sokih Nellak, a girl barely past the age of emergence. He dislikes her for her service-class background but decides that she might be useful to him.

In the here and now, Ferri is called to the Embassy for an appointment with the Ambassador. Lukin lets her wait in the lobby, where she admires an especially beautiful bouquet of flowers before his current aide, Ringot, tells her that Zorkal will not have any time for her today. Ferri leaves the Embassy, determined to return in the afternoon. Later that day, however, she finds herself feeling nauseous and dizzy, and informs Lukin that she will not be able to attend their meeting. He responds that he himself is feeling ill and, alarmed by his admittance of vulnerability, Ferri decides to seek him out to make sure that he is alright.

When Ferri arrives at Lukin's quarters, he is visibly ill and hallucinating, and Ferri realizes that they have been poisoned. Despite her wish to protect him in his current position, he orders her to report to One-Eighteen's sickbay. After a short argument in which Lukin asserts himself, Ferri makes her way to sickbay, scared of having to reveal her condition to the federation staff she doesn't trust. Lukin snaps out of his hallucination and once more calls Ferri, now ordering her to return to Coranum District and meet with a Cardassian physician of Lukin's choosing. Once more, Ferri obeys. The physician, a doctor by the name of Dekor, isn't particularly pleasant to deal with but treats her symptoms and allows her to remain in his care to recover.

Once Ferri has recovered, she reports back to Lukin, who tasks her to find the source of the toxin. Ferri scans, and eventually suspects the flowers to be the culprit. An analysis reveals that they have been manipulated on a cellular level to create the toxin, and a review of the surveillance footage showed that Sokih Nellak, one of the girls employed for housekeeping, brought the flowers into the Ambassadors office. After Ferri cleanses Lukin's office of the poison, she takes a moment to dwell at the pond in front of the Embassy.

Lukin joins her, but she doesn't quite seem herself. She speaks more casually and openly with him, and tells him that she is on her way to pick up her younger sibling, after her father informed her that the girl once more ran away from home to be with her. Ferri, believing herself to be back on Cardassia Prime and studying art, confides in Lukin, who she believes to be a friend of hers, telling him about her wishes to travel, and that she plans to rent an apartment and let her little sister live with her. Lukin walks her home, satisfied with the information he was able to gain about her.

Sokih is summoned for interrogation and swears that she is innocent. She claims to only have had good intentions when she brought the flowers into the Ambassador's office and no knowledge of any kind of poison. Ferri believes her, and reports back to Zorkal. The Ambassador however decides that Sokih is guilty of having poisoned him, knowingly or not, and orders Ferri to dispose of her. Ferri argues against it, but cannot bring Lukin to reconsider. He expects her to make a plan and inform him about how she would proceed, and wait for his approval before executing it.

She returns to the Embassy on the next day and informs Zorkal about her plan. She is still reluctant and unsure if she can go through with it. Lukin then reveals that he never intended for her to dispose of the girl. Instead, he wanted to see if she would obey his orders. Satisfied with the results, he offers her a position as his aide, which Ferri agrees to.

Loen Golnon once more meets with Sokih Nellak. It is revealed that he suggested she bring the flowers to the Ambassador, and that he is behind the poison. When Sokih informs him that she will be leaving for Cardassia Prime within a few days, he decides to tie up loose ends. A few days later, Loen and Sokih say their farewells, and Loen gifts Sokih a box of sweets. She thanks him and mentions that she will share them with her little brother, and Loen is sure to reiterate that she should, despite sharing, eat enough of them.

Shore Leave: Cardassia

Ferri's employment with Lukin Zorkal comes to a close, and she is packing her things when Aine Sherlock visits. Aine has been transferred to Ops, and is visibly disappointed when Ferri tells her that she herself will return to Cardassia. Ferri suggests her to come to Cardassia with her, and together with Lukin and Trovek Arys, they make their way to Cardassia. Despite not working for the Ambassador anymore, Ferri is called upon frequently, and eventually, Lukin meets with her, wanting to speak about her younger sibling Kara. Kara, he has learned, disappeared at age 14 and is believed to be dead, but he does not quite believe that. Desperate for him to stop speaking about Kara, Ferri confesses how she came to first meet Garo, her mentor and trainer, and CIB operative:

When Kara disappeared, surveillance showed three men leading her away, but only two of them could be identified. Ferri quit university and trained herself to hunt them down, and with the use of an Enhancer planned to force them to tell her what happened to her sister. The men were killed in the process, and Ferri was imprisoned. Garo took notice of her, and offered her to work for him, as an alternative to spending her life in a labour camp.

Lukin and Ferri part ways until Ferri finds out that the judge for Arys' adoption hearing has been reassigned. She warns Lukin and explains to him that she is not permitted to testify for them, but does not answer as to why that is.

On the day of the hearing, Ferri meets with Garo, who does not like her growing attachment to Zorkal, Arys and Aine. He cautions her not to disappoint him by going against his wishes. During the hearing, however, when Ferri is asked if she wants to testify, she does so anyway.

When Zorkal, Arys and Aine return to Starbase 118, Ferri is not with them, and it is not known what has happened to her.