Geleth A. Zantett

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Geleth Aski Zantett.png
Geleth Aski Zantett
Position Civilian (Child)
Rank Civilian
Species Cardassian/Bajoran
Gender Female
DOB 239303.02
Age 6
Birthplace Ithic II

Geleth Aski Zantett is a Bajoran/Cardassian hybrid, adopted daughter of Trovek Arys, and currently living on Starbase 118.


Geleth was born on Ithic II as daughter of Ria and Taril Zantett. She was name Geleth in honor of Ria's mother, and Aski in honor of the woman who adopted Taril decades earlier. Despite their heritage and the distance to Cardassia, Geleth's mother and father - both Bajoran/Cardassian hybrids - understood themselves as Cardassians and raised their daughter accordingly. The family lived a peaceful life until a group of unknown individuals attacked their farmhouse and killed both Ria and Taril. Geleth managed to hide and was brought to a children's home on Cardassia Prime.

Six months later, her aunt Trovek Arys and her partner Lukin Zorkal gained temporary custody of her, and eventually Arys successfully adopted Geleth.


Those who knew Ria Zantett, Geleth's mother, would describe the girl as a younger version of the now-deceased woman. Her petite build makes her appear more fragile than the average Cardassian child, and both the Bajoran and Cardassian features are muted. Geleth inherited her father's deep blue eyes and her mother's smile.

She is usually seen carrying a pillow around with her.