Amelia Summerbrook

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Starbase 118 Ops
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Amelia Summerbrook
Position Independent Journalist
Rank Civilian
Species Betazoid/Human
Gender Female
DOB 2371
Age 30
Birthplace Earth
Writer ID J239809TA4
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Amelia Summerbrook
Starbase 118 OpsUSS Excalibur-AFNS

Amelia Summerbrook is a Human-Betazoid independent journalist with a passion for travel, food and music.


Childhood and Adolescense

Amelia was born in 2371 as the youngest of three children to two Starfleet Officers, and from early on wanted to follow in their footsteps. Despite that wish, after finishing school in 2388 with decent enough grades, Amelia decided to spend a year travelling through the quadrant. One year quickly turned into two and then almost three, and Amelia learned to love and appreciate different cultures and customs.

In family gatherings, she was always the one with the most interesting stories to tell, but also regarded as the black sheep - after all, her parents were working, and her siblings had already graduated from Starfleet Academy.


In late 2390, Amelia enrolled in a Starfleet Academy Preparatory Program but had trouble adjusting to the new and more structured environment. She made friends easily but only really studied the subjects she was interested in, and it didn't come as a surprise that she failed the entrance exam twice - much to the disappointment of her family.

Frustrated with the situation and the way her family reacted, Amelia opted to write her parents a letter which quickly grew in size and scope, and resulted in an article outlining the struggles of ‘Starfleet Brats’ and the pressure to continue the family tradition.

Ironically, it was that article that got her accepted into the London School of Journalism.


Upon Graduation, Amelia began working at Starcrossed - a tabloid detailing the life of celebrities across the quadrant. She worked there successfully for three years, but eventually decided to set out on her own.