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Vreeya is a Senator in (what remains of) the Romulan Star Empire. Her activities frequently bring her into contact with the crew of Starbase 118.


  • Full Name: Vreeya Illuin t'Sarine
  • Race: Romulan
  • Gender: Female
  • Telepathic status: None known


Vreeya is of slight build, below average height, and delicate, aristocratic features. Despite all this, she is often an imposing presence. Her dark hair is kept close-cropped.


Vreeya has a remarkable, near-perfect control over her facial expression and body language. Even expressions and responses which are zygotic in most sentients are under her conscious control.

She appears to be highly capable in the arts of espionage, most especially disguise.


She clearly keeps in mind her own personal power and advantage at all times, but appears to have an equal concern for the fate of her species and her Empire.

Her contempt for Klingons, which she thinks of as 'beast-men', is something she rarely bothers to hide.


Vreeya has the tendency to stop and take audio notes to herself, prefacing this with the word 'sorn', a Romulan word that Federation universal translators usually interpret as 'notation'.

She has a known fondness for Andorian wines, including some rather odd ones. One of her favourites is an effervescent milky wine made from a cave fungus.

Personal History

She grew up on Romulus, in the city of Illuin. Illuin was primarily an industrial city, known for its manufacture of ground and atmospheric vehicles. Her family were friends with a local magistrate, Hiren, who later became Praetor. She has claimed that he was her inspiration to go into politics, and she became Magistrate of Illuin quite early.

After the destruction of Romulus, Vreeya took a large part in the administration of the recovering Romulan society, and quickly rose to the Senate. She has since been seen to devote her time to a variety of pursuits; diplomatic, political, scientific, and military.

Vreeya first met with the staff of SB118 when delegated there during the Romulan attempt to exploit Thracia, a system in the Romulan/Klingon neutral zone. Upon learning of the rise of the Thracian Alliance, she immediately changed tack, encouraging the Empire to recognise the Alliance as a sovereign power and setting up trade delegations. She remains a supporter of the alliance to this day.

During the Klingon invasion, Vreeya once again came to the aid of Thracia, and Starfleet, providing political leverage as well as the support of a pirate fleet, which she disavows having any association with.

Vreeya has invested a great deal in relations with the Alliance, and after the invasion this paid off for her, as the Thracians (and Vreeya by extension) gained greater popularity with the Empire, as fellow enemies of the Klingons as well as valuable trade partners.