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This is an archive for certain key moments in the life of Brek, various MSNPCs, and the following PNPCs:

  • Ara (Brek's Grandmother)
  • Dakarai (Diplomatic Aide, born in Ivory Coast, Earth)
  • Glutik (Tellarite. He was formerly a freighter pilot, now works in diplomacy)

2388 - Starbase 118

Date Character Title Description
2388.0708 Ensign Brek First Steps Brek's Arrival on Starbase 118
2388.0911 Ensign Brek Pints and strength through diversity Brek, Agent Arthur Sen and Ambassador Frazier in the Dungeon
2388.1009 Lt Jg Brek The Family Brek's First Encounter With His Grandmother Ara
2388.1023 Lt. Jg Brek With Qual (Ferengi Ambassador) An Unwanted Guest Brek Meets Qual (Ferengi Ambassador)
2388.1215 Lt. Jg Brek and PNPC Glutik A Good Conversation Brek Meets a Tellarite Freighter Pilot

2389 - Starbase 118

Date Character Title Description
2389.0301 Lt. Brek Half The Picture Brek Discovers Some Rumors About Captain Nicholotti
2389.0304 Lt. Brek Kindred Spirit Brek Meets Third Secretary Jomar (Romulan)
2389.0402 Lt. Brek A Question Of Frequency Brek Loses His Hearing
2389.0411 Lt Brek Men Don't Cry Brek's First Job As A Bookkeeper
2389.0510 PNPC J.B. Dakarai Eternal Stagnation Dakarai Is Confronted to Ara
2389.0520 Lt Brek Bad Memory Brek Speaks To His Father
2389.0609 Lt. Brek Late Business Part 2 Brek Dines With Glutik
2389.0612 Lt. Brek Alice Brek And His Pet Spider
2389.0620 Lt Brek Message In A Bottle Brek Faces A Group Of Nausicaans
2389.0706 Lt. Brek The Ghoul And The Ferengi Brek and PNPC Freo
2389.0907 Lt. Cmdr. Brek A Diplomat's Image Brek To The Rescue Of His Secretary
2389.0917 Lt Cmdr Brek Opulence Brek Seeks Help From Ara (Part 1)
2389.0921 Lt. Cmdr. Brek Forever And A Half Brek Seeks Help From Ara (Part 2)
2389.1204 PNPCs Ara, Glutik and Dakarai A Strange Performance Ara and Glutik Argue With Dakarai

2390 - Starbase 118 & USS Excalibur

Date Character Title Description
2390.0504 Lt. Cmdr. Brek & PNPC Freo Relapse Brek Meets Ensign Freo Once More
2390.0515 MSNPC Ensigns Deschamps A Discreet Entry The Two French Ensigns At A Security Check Point
2390.0519 Lt Cmdr Brek Unconventional Methods Brek at a diplomatic conference
2390.0604 MSNPC Ensigns Deschamps Grotesque The Deschamps Plans To Quit The Astrolabe
2390.0707 Lt. Cmdr. Brek And PNPC Vreeya Breakdown In Communication (JP) Brek aggravates Senator Vreeya
2390.0725 Lt Cmdr Brek A Mysterious Creature Brek Revives An Episode From His Past
2390.0810 Lt Cmdr Brek Beautiful Concepts Brek On Leaving SB118
2390.0813 Lt. Cmdr. Brek And PNPC Ara Pitching For Business Brek Says Goodbye To His Grandmother
2390.0901 PNPCs Dakarai And Glutik Informing The Few Glutik's Writing Talents
2390.0922 Lt. Cmdr. Brek With Ambassador MacLaren Dark Places A Dispute Between Brek and Gavin MacLaren
2390.1020 Lt Cmdr Brek And PNPC Ara The Vulgarian Brek And Ara Talk Business
2390.1105 PNPC Ara Back To 118 Ara Returns to SB118
2390.1110 Lt. Cmdr. Brek Guardian Angel Brek Reflects On Religion
2390.1202 Lt. Cmdr. Brek And PNPC Dakarai How Do I Look Brek's Fashion Sense
2390.1220 Lt. Cmdr. Brek And PNPC Ara Anywhere And Beyond Brek Confides in Ara

2391 - USS Excalibur

Date Character Title Description
2391.0126 Lt. Cmdr. Brek Toughening Up Brek indulges in a game of tennis
2391.0305 Lt. Cmdr. Brek Jam A Ferengi Monologue
2391.0428 PNPCs Dakarai and Glutik Unique Approach Glutik tries to write an eulogy
2391.0511 PNPC Ara In Excellent Condition Ara sees another dodgy business scheme
2391.0523 PNPCs Dakarai and Glutik High Probability Dakarai ensures Glutik doesn't go to Silveira's Court Martial

2391 - USS Columbia

Date Character Title Description
2391.0720 Lt. Cmdr. Brek White Elephants Brek discovers his new office
2391.0730 Lt. Cmdr. Brek & Senator Vreeya The Romulan Cause Discussion on Avronis V and The Ralaaram Ocala
2391.0824 MSNPC T'Sereth A Little Contretemps The Captain of the Last Chance develops a conscience
2391.0511 Lt. Cmdr. Brek & PNPC Dakarai Rank Privilege Brek chats with Dakarai
2391.0920 Lt. Cmdr. Brek & PNPC Ara The Only Way To Survive Brek escapes to Starbase 118