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Commander Kital Creena is the Chief Military Advisor to the Thracian Alliance and commanding officer of the Thracian flagship Vauthil. Prior to this she was a Commander in the Romulan Star Empire and was reponsible for the discovery of pergium on Thracia 2, which was one of the precursors to the announcement of the Alliance.


Early Years

Kital Creena was born on the Romulan colony of Nequencia, near the Klingon and Federation borders in 2350, to parents who were both active in local politics. It had been their hope that she would follow them into the political sphere and would become Governor of the colony one day. However, during this period of time, hostilities between the Romulans and Klingons were common and the border colonies were under contant threat. Her mother was killed while onboard an unarmed transport by a Klingon raid when Kital was eight years old. This was a critical event in her young life, which lead to her decision to join the military.

Military Life

Kital left Nequencia to attend the Romulan Military Academy in 2362. Despite her heard work, she experienced a lot of discrimination from the instructors, most of whom were from Romulus and thought poorly of recruits from the border colonies. As a result, she had to work twice as hard as her classmates to get half as far. This caused her to harden in her attitutes to her colleagues and develop a chip on her shoulder that she would carry for many years.

Following graduation, she was assigned as a sublieutenant on the IRW Faicol as a junior officer. The discrimination she had experienced at the Academy continued in this posting. The commanding officer, Viraal, shaped his senior staff based on their family connections and political power on the homeworld, neither of which Kital could provide. Commander Viraal was also known to demand sexual favours from the junior officers under his command and it was an poorly kept secret on the ship that he would let himself into their quarters in the middle of the night. Kital resisted his advances, although her service record shows that she was violently assaulted during this time by an unidentified male attacker, and eventually he stopped pursuing her. While others who joined the crew at the same time as her were quickly promoted, she spent three years as the night-shift helmsman and remained a sublieutenant.

Having become disillusioned by the Romulan military, she considered resigning her commission and returning to Nequencia to take a position on the colonial security services. However, this did not occur as Commander Viraal became the target of a Tal'Shiar investigation into collaboration with the Klingons and mysterious disappeared. It was rumoured that Kital had a hand in his downfall but all Tal'Shiar records of the incident are unavailable.

Command of the Faicol passed to Commander Hernak, who immediately saw the potential in the young officer and quickly promoted her to lieutenant in 2369. Hernak became a mentor to Kital and allowed her to thrive. She was promoted to Centurion in 2371 and became Chief Tactical Officer.

Dominion War

Following the outbreak of the Federation-Dominion War, Hernak was a vocal proponent of Romulan involvement and Creena supported his position, despite its unpopularity. When Senator Vreenak was assasinated by the Dominion and the Empire entered the war, Hernak was promoted to Admiral.

Creena was promoted to Commander in 2374, and given command of the Warbird Kushana. During the War, she was decorated several times and participated in many battles. It was also during this time that she first had Remans serving under her. Given her own experience of discrimination, she treated them well and was highly-regarded byt the Reman troups under her command.

Shinzon's Coup

Given her relationship with the Reman troops during the War, Creena was quietly informed of the coup which brought Praetor Shinzon to power immediately. This provided her the opportunity to contact Admiral Hernak and the two contrived to remain out of contact to see how the political situation would change.

When it became apparent that Shinzon was planning a disastrous war with the Federation, Hernak and Creena were both quick to pledge support to Commander Donatra's counter uprising. They were therefore able to retian their positions in the military when former supporters of Shinzon were purged. Despite this, she was saddened by the set-backs that befell the Remans following the failed coup.

Aftermath of Hobas

After the supernova that destroyed Romulus, Creena immediately supported her mentor's bid to lead the new Romulan Government. Seeing an opportunity to build a new Empire, free from the domination of the homeworld, she was very vocal in her support and brought several warbird commanders to his side.

When it became clear that Hernak did not have the support to rule, he withdrew his bid and threw his support behind the consensus. He was forced to resign from the military and given a low-influence political position. Creena argued that he deserved a seat on the Continuing Committee. For this, she was briefly placed under house arrest and it was only through the influence of Governor Alnorias, a family friend, that freed her. Still, she was demoted to Sub-Commander and given command of the science vessel Holbaus.

Abandoning the Empire

Disappointed at this treatment and the missed opportunity to reform the Empire, Creena became increasingly disillusioned. Her ship was based at the Nequencia Orbital facility and this gave her plenty of opprtunity to spend time with her ailing father and Governor Alnorias. It became clear to her that the Governor was even more disillusioned than her and was beginning to voice a desire for more autonomy for the colony.

Having never engaged in politics, she began an education under Alnorias who took the mentor position in her life that Admiral Hernak had previously held. They were both at her father's side before he died. His last request was for them to free Nequencia. While Governor Alnorias quietly began to develop tied to neighbouring colonies, Creena struggled to remain engaged with her position in the Romulan military.