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  • the hologram Bowrapiquis Jetseen: Piquis.

Ensign Bowrapiquis Jetseen, also known as Piquis is an Epon-5e hologram. The history behind the synthetic human Jetseen,_Bowrapiquis.


  • Full Name: Bowrapiquis Jetseen (Piquis)
  • Holo-Species: Epon-5e
  • Race: Hologram from the faction of holographic revolutionaries.
  • Gender: Male
  • Birth Place: Holographic Hall of Records.
  • Date Of Birth: In the future before the Holo-Wars.
  • Appearance/style: Happy go lucky attitude.
    • Hologram and a Mobile Emitter (M.E.) self contained.
    • Average height and weight is very adaptable.
    • Length of hair: A short cut long in back
    • Eye Color: reddish-blue in a typical iris color.
    • Non-discernible body features
  • Family Group: Eponicly aligned Holo-Species with duel positronic neural networking.
    • Assembly codes: 5e, and 11x.
    • AI category: ψ~73.1
    • Series Sequence: M.481 copy~5
    • Telepathic status: Not Applicable as a hologram.

Personal History

Ensign Bowrapiquis Jetseen is a hologram. The Ensign has completed cadet training as an engineer and was posted to the the USS Thunder NCC-740605, The starship attached to the Embassy-Duronis II.

The ensign will be ready for the next level of his status when he completes the optical ME design and it is flawless. His optical circuitry coding is being blended into his ME and his ME coding is being created optically. the difficulty will be separating the clusters of positronic - nets when they have recreated each other.

The ensign was out in the sun's in the Duronis system and was power beamed into an intergalactic vessel driven by his then friend xoet 12. The reasons were many. First to get the hologram out of direct light that was frying the optical circuitry, to assist xoet 12 in a deep space mission and three to convert the hologram by synthesis into a human being. This is where the hologram life ended and Piqui Jetseen's life began so it is known. Piqui Jetseen has no knowledge of the hologram's continued existence and as flesh was beam bounced thru the galactic barrier into the milky way. This was when Piqui Jetseen started the academy. This synthetic human form is a Science Officer on the USS Tiger-A. Although the hologram Piquis reached a second level of being and served on the Eagle as a Lt Jg, the dicotomy was difficult to understand and disintegrated on occasions ... this is his records on the Eagle.

Lieutenant (JG) Bowrapiquis Jetseen is a hologram serving aboard the USS Eagle.


  • The ensign's race was created by a concern that developed quantum computing and transporter/replicator technologies. They refined their quantum computing technology to the point that it operated on the scale of elementary wave structures in spacetime. This effectively means that the computation occurs during an extended intermediate step of the transport/replication process.
  • It is with optical quantum processors that the photon pathway is the wave-circuit which is allowing for the transparent effects of signal processing.
  • Within the dark matter forms the essence of negative realities occurring where the element of time and space are relative to centralized structured holograms.
  • The present instance of Piqui is almost an afterthought of the race of holograms attempting to make up for the confusions that were justified in the holographic revolution. (more to come on this.)
  • What developed as parallel positronic networked field processing is applied on the optical level of holographic dualistic justifications.
  • Into the gridded meshes of synthetic thought structures is the concept of understood awareness that Piqui so often overlooks.
  • Bowrapiquis has a mentor the famous xoet 12. When the xoet went into the deepest reaches of super-space and stopped teaching at the academy Piqui signed up for the USS Eagle as an engineer.
  • As reports from the deep superspace form a xoet 12 probe that had developed textual forms and could thereby create humans from holograms.

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Oddas Aria.png
Commanding Ofc.
Oddas Aria
Shayne, Randal.png
Executive Ofc.
Randal Shayne
Chloe Waters.jpg
Helm Ofc.
Chloe Waters
Kalor Fiorr.png
Eng. Ofc.
Kalos Fiorr
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Eng. Ofc.
Ridian Harris
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Eng. Ofc.
Nyka Wyss
Intel Ofc.
Ash MacKenna
Tactical Ofc.
Melody Delri'ise
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Sec. Ofc.
Kano Risha
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Sec. Ofc.
Artinus Serinus
Medical Ofc.
Karen Strong
John Hankow
Chief Science Ofc.
Quentin Collins
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Science Ofc.
Noa T'Nessa Levinson
Caitain Hontru.jpg
Marine Ofc.
R'rraww Hontrú
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At this point there is a branching off of the Jetseen line of family: a hologram family and a human family.

  • Synthetic Jetseen Family divisions:
    • Piquis -hologram model.
    • Piqui -first synthetic human USS Tiger-A science officer
    • Iris -Galt 2 synthetic human.
    • Werten -Galt 3 synthetic human.
    • Nillion -Galt 4 synthetic human.

ψThe following information is made so as not to be readable by holograms and is from the hall of recordsψ

  • Holo Family:
    • The hall of records keeps most of the information about Bowrapiquis and the acts that Bowrapiquis caused during the holo-revolution from reaching him. He just knows there is something about the dual positronic optical network of circuits that make things different to him. As it is he is know as the one that does not fit in the line of holo-assemblies

The holo-revolution that Piquis survived is still ongoing. The revolution is being waged between the various holographic factions and it is totally configured by them for what might be considered holographic entertainment. The nemesis and villain in Piqui's life is Iris Jetseen. For all intents and purposes this is a real revolution to Bowrapiquis but that is just his point of view of what is happening.

ψThe previous information was made so as not to be readable by holograms and is from the hall of recordsψ

  • Synthetic Family:
    • Piqui Jetseen is on the go at the USS Tiger-A starship being an ensign he has limited access to any type of new information except from the conversations with xoet 12 the designer the made him human.
    • Iris Jetseen was created and exists no further information is available
    • Werten Jetseen is being "deprogrammed" from his existence as Bowrapiquis Jetseen the hologram. Werten is human. As he becomes more "in tune" to these and his realities his biography will grow.
    • Nillion Jetseen is the fourth synthetic still being created and in the chrysalis stage. They are introducing a new protein folding sequence to start the next stage.