Iris Jetseen

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  • Full Name: Iris Jetseen
  • Holo-Species: Epon-6e
  • Race: Hologram from the faction of holographic neu-revolutionaries.
  • Gender: Female
  • Birth Place: Holographic Hall of Records.
  • Date Of Birth: In the future before the holowars.
  • Appearance: sinister usually cloaked in the shadows
    • Hologram and a Mobile Emitter 2 (ME2)
    • Average height and weight but she is very adaptable.
    • Length of hair: She does not have any hair to see.
    • Eye Color: greenish-yellow in a typical eye color.
    • Non-discernible body features unless she whats you to see her you will not see her.
  • Family Group: Eponicly aligned Holo-Species with doublely modularized positronically neural networkings within her optical circuitry.
    • Assembly codes: 6e, and 12m.
    • AI category: xr72.2
    • Telepathic status: She has a direct connection to Bowrapiquis Jetseen but he is not aware of this.

Holographic shadow.jpg Iris may take this form at times.


As a Member to the Jetseen holographic series of holograms, Iris is considered Bowrapiquis's actualized optical mirror image of him. Similar to the Mirror Universe Iris is the villain in Piqui's life. She can assume any shape or size and disguise her mobile emitter in an endless number of ways. While her purpose is purely experimental, if she is to survive she will need to severe the connection to Bowrapiquis. The only way to sever this is to connect then disconnect the ME's allowing interplay between their positronic networks. This could cause death for either of the holograms or both. The best case possible is that a hologram would be developed of its own typing.