Dark Side of Lightside (Denali Station)

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Act 1

Science Lab 1

Commander Alora DeVeau combines forces with Lieutenant JG Sasus Raimor and Ensign Arthur Strathmore and take a closer look at the strange toxin discovered at the Invitational. While the initial substance was only addictive in nature, a second batch loaded onto drones and prepared to release the toxin on the audience at large proved to be far more deadly. As the trio look at how to develop an antitoxin, they also consider the repercussions should it get released on a wide scale. Strathmore warns of mass hysteria should such an event occur. All three are determined not to let that happen, and they take Raimor’s discovery of a substance that they could target to help break down the toxin as well as a second angle to work on developing a way to combat it. As the ship goes to yellow alert, the group get to work in hopes of having a solution before they reach the station.

Conference Room

Lieutenant Commander Tomas Falt has called a meeting with Lieutenant Dagaz, Lieutenant JG Forsyth, Lieutenant JG Vahin and Ensig Drex in order to establish the possible intentions and destinations of the ship departed from Denali Station. The most popular hypothesis is that the terrorists are heading for a large and populous structure on which to create chaos. Lieutenant JG Forsyth shares her information about the Red Guard and Ensign Drex suggests a possible connection with Gul Smith. As they considered the most promising destination is Lightside station, the yellow alert interrupt the meeting and Lieutenant Commander Tomas Falt and Lieutenant JG Forsyth leave the room. A few minutes later new orders reach all the participants and they all leave in order to prepare to disembark on the Spike.

Act 2

Bridge Team

Commodore Oddas Aria remains on the bridge with Commander DeVeau and Ensign Strathmore. After DeVeau and Strathmore offer Oddas requested advice, they contact the administration of the station who gives them a pleasant greeting. As expected, there is great concern when she hears about a ship arriving with a toxin. She insists the Starfleet Officers be honest and clear with information and gives them permission to have a medical team beamed down to the station. After gathering as much information as they can safely convey, the trio beam over to Lighthouse station and connect with the administration there. As they wait, they come up with a plan to hopefully distract the administration enough to not notice two covert teams already on the station as well as possibly foster a more positive relationship.

The group meet with the administrator who is quite disturbed about the situation with a toxic compound being brought to the station. Despite her reluctance, she gives Starfleet the highest authority available for non residents and deputises them in order to allow them to assist with dealing with the situation. Once they leave her office, they had to the security center and meet Nutival, the security director who is openly hostile toward them, and sarcastically suggests they take over. After some brief discussion, they elect to leave some security and marines to assist Nutival, then receive a warning call from Drex that the toxin has been released into the ventilation system on in the medical center which. Alora encourages them to work on an antitoxin using what they developed for the original version of the toxin on Denali as a foundation.

Medical Team

Lieutenant Jg Raimor, Lt Jg Vahin and Ensign Drex beam directly to the medical level of Lightside Station ready to inform the staff there about the toxin. Unfortunately for the team the first people they run into aren't too fond of visitors and activate a barrier to keep the three of them out. Luckily for them, Doctor Samar, the Chief Geneticist at the Spike, arrived on the scene and had the team released. She takes them somewhere more private and tells them her clients value their privacy. As she heads to the CMO’s office, she explains he recently passed away from food poisoning and recommends they eat only from replicators. Starfleet officers try to explain the dangerous situation they are all in to Dr.Samar, but the Talarian does not collaborate and time passed while the four discuss without reaching any compromise. Finally Dr. Vahin conviced her to go onboard of USS Eagle while Lt Jg Raimor and Ensign Drex will work on an antidote on the Spike. A Benzite named Orav reached the two and leads them to a small laboratory where Lt JG Raimor resumes his studies. Suddenly the alarm sounds in the medical section, the lab get sealed entrapping the three man. The toxin has been released in one of the hospital area. Teleport is off, but intercom communications works, so they can notify the Bridge Team about the new situation. Time is running out and they are far from having an antidote. Ensign Drex suggests to run a computer simulation against all the known physiology saved in the database, with the hope of finding an immune specie. Dr. Samar finally decides to collaborate and gives her personal code to Dr. Orav.

Engineering Infiltration

Suspecting that some of the Kalinda leadership are behind the sabotage, Kettick, Dagaz, and Xiron head to the station to try and connect to their computer core in order to gain some intelligence. Struggling to find a computer core or even engineering section, the group head toward a maintenance corridor in the hopes of finding something they can use to access the computer system and ping it to locate the core. They head to a datalogger only to hear footsteps coming down the corridor. A male Boslic appears and demands to know what they’re doing, and they claim they’re trying to hook into the station’s central computer because of a system failure at the trill consulate. The Boslic gives them the information and the group heads to the central computer.

Intelligence Gathering

Kettick, Kendrick, Forsyth, and Falt head to the market in hopes of finding out more about the vessel they tracked. They run into a Ferengi who offers to gather information for them - at a price. They accept his 'assistance' when Forsyth mentions a couple of suspicious Orions. They head to a lift in an effort to try and track them and run into a couple of hostile Nausicaans. When the lift stops, a fight starts, and as the lift moves again then the doors open, the Nausicaans are stunned, but the officers find themselves face to face with a local Constable. When they reveal their identity, Constable Injara confirms it, then takes them to her office where the officers brief her. She orders one of her deputies to find Nivog, and a few minutes later, they are informed he has been found dead. Injara and the Officers head to the scene of the crime. They suspect the people who killed Nivog are in cohoots with those who attacked the other Starfleet officers elsewhere on the station. The group then go to search for clues at the site of the firefight.

Act 3

Bridge Team

As a unidentified shuttle leaves the Station, Commodore Oddas and Ensign Strathmore return on the USS Eagle. They are joined by the other officers on the bridge, Lieutenant JG Kettick and Lieutenant JG Forsyth. The ship leaves the station and sets off in pursuit of the fugitives. Before the shuttle can reached the atmosphere of a nearby planet, it is entrapped by the tractor beam of USS Eagle. A pirate vessel uncloaks and its captain, an Orionian named Thaluk, threatens the Commodore and his crew to free and return the shuttle. While Oddas keeps Thaluk busy, the bridge officers come up with a plan. Taking advantage of the beam that holds the fugitives, they hurl the little ship against the pirate vessel and manage to recover some data. The operation is not without damage to the USS Eagle and the Orion captain manages to escape in a shuttle.

Medical Team

Commander DeVeau and Ensign Xiron joined Lieutenant JG Raimor, Ensign Drex and Doctor Orav bringing them some mask in order to protect themselves from the toxin. The situation is critical. While they plan the next steps, Dr. Orav begins to suffer the effects of the toxin. Probably due to the surgery he under went to remove the respiratory device, he is the most compromised and can barely breathe. Not long after, Raimor shows symptoms, but the Betazoid manages to keep calm and give his support to the team. Drex reacts to the toxin in a completely different way, his body seems to fight the toxin effects, but the stress leads him to loose his mind. He starts to talk to some hallucinations, although he can still provide some suggestions. Commander DeVeau and Xiron analyze Drex's blood and decide to try to synthesize the cytobates that may break down the toxin compound. DeVeau and Xiron efforts lead to a working antidote, and Raimor and Orav are able to work on a airborne version of the cure to save the whole Station.

Intelligence Gathering

After arriving at the scene where a firefight took place, Falt finds some Orion blood. After checking transportation records, they realise that though a ship has escaped, it has done so without some of its members. A scan of the blood reveals that it belongs to a known Orion criminal, though Injara states he's 'big and dumb', which means he's not the mastermind. Regardless, the group decides to check out the hangar where the ship that escaped was docked, suspecting there to be a base of operations within. They arrive at the hangar and other men from the station join as backup. When the doors to the hangar open, smoke pours out. The group split up and go inside; Falt with Vahin and Injara with Kendrick. Something attacks Kendrick amid the smoke and he manages to smack the person with a heavy wrench. It doesn't stop him, however, but Injara fires and stuns the attacker. Suddenly, they hear the sound of doors closing and hurry to find themselves trapped and the decompression sequence initiated. Unable to stop the sequence from inside the hanger, Injara pries off a panel to the doors in hopes they can override those and get out. Fortunately the USS Eagle returns in range of teleport right in time and the whole group is beam up to safety.