Aitas' Quarters

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Located in the Shi'Kahr District of the Starbase 118 Commercial Sector, the two-story building of Vulcan style technically consists of four family sized quarters, all enclosing a central courtyard. Each of these units contains several bedrooms, a kitchen, dining area, and living room.

To allow for increased privacy, Aitas purchased the entire complex, though she only lives in one of the units. Another is designated for her father once he returns to the Starbase, and another is set aside for the use of guests.

The interior of her home is decorated in a mixture of Vulcan and Betazoid styles. Clean, efficient designs accented with the occasional ornate piece of cloth or furniture as accent. Images on the walls of landscapes from Risa and Betazed. Most rooms contain a few candles or Vulcan meditation lamps to assist with meditation and ambiance. The temperature is kept slightly lower than most of the district, slightly on the cool side to a Vulcan but relatively warm to those of most other species.

Fureri, an Eccian construct and a gift from Jakarn. It is usually about the house and is often still enough to be mistaken for a statue.