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Position Author and Producer
Rank Blank
Species El-Aurian
Gender Male
DOB 188006.11
Age 520
Birthplace El-Auria

“It is absurd to divide people into good and bad. People are either charming or tedious.”

- Oscar Wilde

Jakarn is an El-Aurian civilian holonovelist, producer, and travel writer. He has no set homeworld, but can usually be found on Risa. He is husband of Azera and the father of Taelon, Ishani Kasun, and many more.

Like his wife, his full name is a title, though he rarely uses it: Jakarn, Consort to the 113th Daughter of Cantavi. He much prefers his nickname 'The Rake', as he feels it's far more accurate these days. He is the author behind several popular series of holonovels, many of which are based off his own life, and recently stepped into producing and promoting holodramas.


Jakarn is a handsome man who looks after his appearance with astute care, despite often appearing accidentally a little rough around the edges. He dresses well, eats well, and is usually found smoking cigars or some other vice. He considers himself a bit of an expert on alcohol and is often found drinking.

He purposely gravitates towards a human perception of class, dressing in sharp suits and rich fabrics, but he enjoys being seen as approachable and eccentric nonetheless. Like his wife and son he has extensive tattoos on his body and many piercings, his nasal piercing being the most notable.


Best described as clever, Jakarn is quick-witted, observant, and charming. He has a warm and friendly persona, making him approachable and genial. He likes to meet and talk to new people and is very outgoing and gregarious. In many ways he is the perfect diplomat, able to appear careless and open without actually being so. A childhood and adulthood in the cutthroat politics of his native planet have made him a man capable of many masks and crystallized his worldview into one much more pragmatic than most people realize.

Still, the destruction of his species softened him considerably. He is very caring towards his army of children and lovers, and always approaches relationships with the comfort of everyone involved in mind. He is generally respectful, cheerful and supportive. As a father he could be better - his tendency to wander makes him absent from most of his children's lives - but he takes care to be present whenever he can.


Unlike his wife, his early life on El-Auria wasn't the best. Born into the ranks of the Eccia-Cantavi, he was no one notable, and struggled to find a place for himself at first in the hierarchical group he belonged to. It turned out that deception and seduction was his forte, and he rose not through hard work and proper promotion, but through his relationships with the rich and powerful. He was many things: a spy, a lover, a friend, a husband. He was married when he was relatively young to one of the more ambitious leaders, Kal-Esedra.

His life changed (for the better, in his option) when the clan's leader had Kal-Esedra's power revoked over a business dispute. Azera liquidated Kal-Esedra's assets and sent her into exile, and in the matriarchal society they were in, her husbands were considered an asset. Azera chose to take Jakarn for herself, and he proved to be a better asset to her than she might have expected.

The two got on famously. He was able to being out the softer side of the otherwise ruthless businesswoman, and he was happy to use his talents to her advantage. She wasn't a diplomat, but he was, and he soon fell into that role. He was quite happy with her for a long time, extremely proud of her children (especially those by him), and quite content with the luxuries such a life afforded him.

The Assimilation tore all of that away, quite literally; his entire family was lost, save his wife. His brothers, mother, father, sisters, his children - all gone. For a man who put a lot of stock in his family and friends, the blow was shattering.

He deals with it quite differently than his wife, however, and after the home world's destruction the two grew apart. Where he internalized his grief and sought to rebuild his family network and his fun, dangerous lifestyle, she retreated into exile. Now their marriage is mostly forgotten. They remain in contact, but even he struggles to speak to her on equal footing these days.

Jakarn took to seeking out and learning about the Alpha Quadrant, and his adaptable nature served him well. Able to sit comfortably on both sides of the law, he's not happy unless he's in a bit of danger. He likes to have enemies and likes to have friends, and emblazons his slightly dark humor into his novels. That the novels are quite popular and have made him rich and well known, well, that's quite the bonus, isn't it?

He was the one who encouraged Azera to have another child with him, though he regrets that somewhat now - his only pure-blooded child, Taelon, did little to soothe his wife's bitterness. Jakarn tasks himself now with the job of looking after the naive boy from a distance, though how his father wants Taelon to act isn't in line with what Taelon wants, either.


Jakarn is an accomplished author with some 40-50 books written over the last century and a half since he started.

The Adventures of Captain Spanky (Series, Vols 1-4)

A satirical work in the form of a series of children’s novels, poking fun at the Federation and the often complex rules it attempts to hold its citizens and Starfleet captains to.

The Aiden Price Series

The Price novels are a long running series of thrillers centered around the career of Aiden Price, a Risian who winds up travelling the galaxy and embroiled in Federation politics after becoming an intelligence agent. Jakarn will often teasingly comment that many of the major plot elements are based off his own life, but is reticent to disclose exactly which ones. Many of the characters are based off of people he’s met.

The novels have been published over the last century, and Price is a legacy character at this point, as the main perspective has since moved to Aiden’s old enemy Adriana Thorn. The full series is 20 novels long. In 2393 the series is being adapted into a holodrama.

Some notable books from the series:

The Risian Dagger

The first novel in the series, the book introduces Aiden as he started: A Risian civilian with a penchant for mischief and a sparkle in his eye. Unfortunately for him, he ends up wooing the wrong tourist. When his partner turns up dead, Aiden soon finds himself the target of Romulan and Federation agents alike.

The Gods of Tomorrow

When a new religion blossoms in the Solerian Rift, the Federation is concerned that the new converts are being used for a darker purpose. Aiden, sent to investigate, finds himself wondering if there isn’t something to the faith’s message.... Considered one of the better novels by the more artsy crowd (and one of the duller by those there for the sex and violence), Jakarn used the work to explore the concept of faith in the Federation’s multi-cultural landscape. Won the Archer Award for Excellence in the Arts in 2333.

With Good Intentions

When an idealistic scientist is kidnapped and his ‘humane’ weapon plans are in danger of falling into enemy hands, Aiden must race across the Alpha Quadrant to recover them. This novel was the first to introduce Adriana Thorn.

All The King’s Men

Aiden arrives on Argelius to investigate the death of a Federation diplomat, and finds that a culture’s peaceful exterior can hide some extremely dark secrets. This novel is notable for introducing Aiden’s assistant and companion Sultra Drax, who most agree is based on Jakarn’s own assistant and protegee Aitas. This novel has also been adapted into a holodeck adventure.

Horses With A Goal

When a new planet applies to join the Federation when the Federation has never heard of the species involved, Aiden is sent with the diplomatic team to investigate. One of the more humorous novels in the series, it was adapted into a holofilm in 2384.

Family Business

The first novel to primarily focus on Adriana. The double-agent finds herself where Aiden left her: Locked in a storage crate and headed straight into the Syndicate’s territory. Unfortunately for her, she still owes the Orions their pound of flesh. One of the darker novels in the series, the Syndicate’s portrayal is based very much off of real life.


Jakarn travels frequently and will often publish books based off of his experiences. While these are often minorly fictionalized (mostly via changing names) these are generally factual and realistic.

At Sword’s Point - Travelling Within the Orion Syndicate

Published in 2378, Jakarn chronicles his experiences after spending a year or two within Orion space. A notable companion is a young slave girl who he bought and freed. The book explores the reality of slavery and life in the Syndicate as well as the life of the average Orion on their rarely-seen colony planets.

The book was used as the major factor for a holodocumentary called Sin and Secrets: Life in the Syndicate in 2383.

Hechu'ghos - Navigating the Klingon Empire

A travelogue written after spending 5 years with the Klingons. Written much less facetiously than he usually does, as Jakarn felt being anything other than blunt would both do his hosts a disservice and potentially be an issue for anyone using the book as a guide.

Avoid Gre'thor - How to Maintain Your Honor Among the Hur’q

An etiquette guide for Klingons to help the rank and file of the Empire navigate the Federation. While slightly satirical - Jakarn is no stranger to making fun of his new home’s practices - it is generally quite to the point. Written entirely in Klingon. Jakarn has resisted attempts to translate it to basic, as he feels this would be pointless.

A Gentle’s Guide to the Alpha Quadrant

A slightly tongue-in-cheek guide to the more sensual side of life in the Alpha Quadrant, the book contains warnings, advice, and even some illustrations to help any prospective sinner find their way around the major planets and cultures….and to help them not catch anything too interesting in the process.

Earth, Vulcan, and Other Mysteries

Jakarn’s guide to humans and the core species of the Federation, as written by (and for) non-human aliens. While generally a bit tongue in cheek, it includes some rather frank discussion on cultural differences and expectations that has kept it in print, especially as species from the Delta Quadrant begin to filter into the Federation territories.

Risa and Reality

Both a guide to the famous resort planet and a discussion of the Risian culture as it actually is. The book is considered one of the better guides to the planet for outsiders, as it offers suggestions for all desires - even those who have no desire other than to be left alone.