(Don't Fear) The Reapers (Tiger)

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The newly reassigned USS Tiger tends to a distress call, but soon find that they are the ones in danger.

Ship Reports

Stardate 238505.26

Commanding Officer: Commander Sidney Riley (reporting)
Executive Officer: Lt Commander Lily Ventu

The USS Tiger launched on May 7, 2385 to investigate a distress call from the Constellationites on Klakkr's Drift near the Snow-on-the-Hilltop system. A vessel of unknown provenance has been attacking ships and planets in the system. On further analysis the ship appeared to be of Reaper origin, but with a miscellany of additional technology from various Alpha and Beta Quadrant species. There are also reports of a mysterious station which seems to be the base for the strange ship.

As the Tiger neared the Snow-on-the-Hilltop system, they received another distress call from Klakkr's Drift. Increasing speed to warp 9.1, the Tiger arrived to find three Constellationite cargo ships under attack by the mysterious ship. The frigate-class vessel retreated when the Tiger arrived, leaving one ship destroyed and one in imminent danger of destruction. The crew beamed the survivors to Cargo Bay 3 to receive medical treatment while also dealing with the warp core, which had gone critical.

To the Tiger's surprise, they have just received a distress call from the mysterious frigate. After returning the Constellationites to Klakkr's Drift, they are going to respond to this distress call.

Stardate 238507.02

Commanding Officer: Commander Sidney Riley
Executive Officer: Lt Commander Lily Ventu (reporting)

En route to the Reaper station at the beginning of the month, the Tiger began to experience strange systems failures and power losses. The problems were eventually tracked to several unknown devices placed near Engineering, and with much of the Engineering staff in Sickbay following the devices' subsequent detonation, it was left to the rest of the crew to repair the damage.

Meanwhile, the Reapers, in the person of Dodhun, "Third of the Father," requested an audience with Commander Riley. Riley postponed for one hour, allowing time for the systems to be fixed, the device remnants to be removed, and Sickbay to discharge the injured crewmembers.

However, upon beaming over, the Reapers revealed that diplomacy was the last thing on their minds. Cmdr. Riley and her team were imprisoned in the brig, and while security races to release them, the Tiger itself is wracked by escalating problems - sensor blackouts, more systems failures, and finally the collapse of the entire shield grid. The bridge and Engineering have, the crew hopes, been isolated, and Lieutenant Dickens has launched from the Tiger in the shuttlecraft Eagle to, hopefully, mount a rescue attempt.

Compounding the systems troubles was the death of nurse Anne Bennington, which coincided with the arrival of Reapers and may point to far greater powers than the crew has seen thus far.

Stardate 238508.02

Commanding Officer: Commander Sidney Riley (reporting)
Executive Officer: Lt Commander Lily Ventu

The crew of the USS Tiger are currently working to retake the ship from the Reapers who invaded the ship under the pretense of requesting aid.

Lt. Dickens outside the ship in the shuttle Eagle has helped the crew restore some sense of communication. He was also able to transport Commander Riley and her team to the Eagle helping her team to transport back to the Tiger and implement a campaign of guerilla warfare against the Reapers to take back the ship.

Having contained the Reaper leader, Dodhun, in a turbolift Commander Riley's team reached the bridge while others were sent to medical and engineering to retake those sections.

Having numerous systems disabled the decision was made to shut down the ship to keep the Reapers from being able to use any systems. Realizing that leaves the ship with 30 minutes of life support, LtCmdr. Ventu and her team were sent to retrieve a generator from the science department to maintain life support.

Meanwhile the Reapers are making another push to take the bridge. Commander Riley and her team of Ensigns have developed the theory the Reapers steal energy from other beings, which they call "Reaping Souls". It has been determined the Reapers most likely use some sort of device to accomplish this. The group has been working to determine how to disable the devices.

Stardate 238508.31

Commanding Officer: Commander Sidney Riley
Executive Officer: Lt Commander Lily Ventu
Mission Specialist: Lieutenant Salak (reporting)

The Tiger entered the month barely in Federation hands, with the Reapers in control of the majority of the ship and proceeding towards the Bridge.

Main Power had been cut, but returned far quicker than expected as the semi-sentient Reaper devices planted throughout the ship rebelled. The Reapers, led by Dodhun, attempted to seize the Bridge, but phased out of our universe under fire from Cmdr Riley and her team.

With the disappearance of the Reapers, the battered Tiger has travelled back to Deep Space 17 for repairs. The surviving crew are now on a much needed shore leave; at least 18 fatalities have been confirmed from a crew of 78, including almost the entire Security department.

Distress Calls

Stardate 238505.14: Klakkr's Drift

Distress call: Klakkr's Drift

Klakk....rift...request....assist...under att.....

Stardate 238505.25: Rihac Gorshun

Distress Call: Reapers

To any ship in the vicinity, we're experiencing massive plasma leaks, life support shaky, request immediate assistance....

Stardate 238507.02: USS Tiger

Distress Call: USS Tiger

This is the Federation Starship Tiger, Lieutenant Commander Ventu. We have sustained heavy damage and multiple systems failures at the hand of the Reapers, near the planet Klakkr's Drift. We require immediate assistance from any vessel in range. Repeat, we require immediate assistance.

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