Craft assigned to USS Tiger

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The following auxillary craft are assigned to USS Tiger:

Type-8 Shuttlecraft

Type-8 Shuttle


  • Named for the Apollo 10 Lunar module, in turn named for the comic strip character.
  • Status: Ready for use.
    • Used as a beam in point for Riley & other senior staff from Shuttle Eagle when attempting to retake the ship from Reapers in 238507.

Type-9 Shuttlecraft

Type-9 Shuttle


  • Named for the Apollo 11 Lunar module.
  • Status: Ready for use.
    • Used by Lt. Dickens & Ens. Scott in 238507 in order to compensate for lack of internal sensors after Reapers boarded USS Tiger.

Type-11 Shuttlecraft

Type 11 Heavy Shuttle


  • Named for the Apollo 12 command module. A clipper was also a type of fast sailing ship in the C19th.
  • Status: Ready for use. Assigned to the Tiger's Search and Rescue Marine squad.