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Zhal, Daughter of Ti'Brus

  • Full Character Name Zhal
  • Date of Birth 01/01/2366
  • Gender Female
  • Species Human/Vulcan
  • Place of Birth Earth
  • Hair Black
  • Eyes Brown
  • Height 4'2
  • Parents:
    • Mother Angeliana - Deceased
    • Father Ti'Brus USS Challenger Science Officer

Personal History

Ran away from home after a few secrets were bought out. Is currently hiding atop a mountain on Shinraka.

Has now been found by the newly formed Mountain Rescue Team. Is now a full part of the Challenger's Civilian crew.


[10 years or more ago.]

Ti'Brus married into a Human family against his fathers wishes. He settled down with a young women named Angelina. Soon after, they had a daughter and named her Zhal after Ti'Brus' great grandmother. After 5 years, Angelina went missing on a seemingly routine scouting mission.

After a while, and a eulogy, she did return. Her story was that of a Temporal nature and as such was taken out of this transmission.

After many more happy years, (Zhal did not undergo the Vulcan mind training) Angelina and Zhal were returning from one of Risa's moons when their shuttle was attacked. Angelina was killed in the attack. Zhal was taken to an underground holding base deep in the Gamma Quadrant on a cloaked planet.

[2 years ago.]

Ti'Brus received an emergency communique from the Vulcan High Command that his daughter had been found on a Arkanian testing facility. Ti'Brus effected a shanghai mission. All was well until a year before he joined Outpost Phoenix.

Zhal sat down with him and explained everything.

She is part Arkanian, meaning she can disguise herself, albeit shortly. When she gets too scared and completely surrounded by arms, she will disappear, cloak if you will. She has the power to regenerate because of her Arkanian DNA. This DNA was transplanted to her mother when she was young, passed to Zhal, then she was kidnapped and Ti'Brus shanghaied her. Then she got her shyness. About 10 minutes after she told him, Ti'Brus went to bring her a warm milk to help her sleep, only to notice she had ran away, where she had gone, he knew not.

It had been 1 year, 7 months, 3 weeks, 9 days, 4 hours, 12 minutes and 52 seconds since Zhal had left her home and her family. She had counted every single second of it. Always wondering if she would ever, ever see Ti'Brus again.

She had managed to steal a Starfleet personal shuttle craft that day, she had managed to launch it without anyone taking any notice whatsoever. She had also managed to crash land on a planet, she had spent all this time in a cave atop a mountain there. The replicator had lasted for almost 7 months before she had to endure 3 weeks of emergency rations. After that, she was on her own. She had to find her own sustenance.

She had met her fair share of hostile animals while she had been in this one particular cave. But she had managed to warn them away with the phaser she found after the shuttle had crashed on the planet. She had walked over 50 kilometers through a forest to this cave. It had been 2 weeks since she last ate.

She did not want to risk her safety by trying to find anyone. She had heard some weird noises each night, a mix of rats and monkeys, and the last few days she had seen the same macaw fly past with a data PADD in its beak.

She now started to wonder if it was a good idea to venture out for food, but she had given that idea up almost immediately after she had seen a large back bear sniffing around the caves entrance. She had hastily pushed a heavy boulder across the face and sealed it shut and decided to wait for the bear to leave before deciding anything again.

It had been almost 3 days since the bear incident, and she was now excruciatingly famished. She had started hearing things in her dreams. Things like; "Over here, Mr Barnes. Our group had little injury." Or things like; "Glad to hear it, Ti'B, glad Mr Vulcan Man." But she just knew she had been imagining it all, after all, she hadn't eaten in almost three whole weeks.

Recue Team Finding Zhal

The Mountain Rescue Team is an equivalant of the early 20th Century Mountain Rescue, also has seams of the Hazard team.


238409.10 The Team consists of the following Challenger Personel;