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Challenger has 14 Fighter Craft aboard her, and Two Drop Shuttles assigned. Her operations crew has taken care of these fighters since her launching, and the pilots are as much a part of maintaining the small craft as the mechanics and technicians are. Ship's load out includes:

  • 7 FA-120 Space Superiority Fighters
  • 6 SG-50 Space Superiority Fighters
  • 2 DS-79 Operational Landing Craft

Scientific Shuttle Irwin


  • Chief shuttle for expeditions of a scientific nature.
  • Motto: "Cricky"
  • Dedication to Conservationist Steve Irwin
Challenger Irwin.jpg

In an Episode of "The Crocodile Hunter" that aired on February 27, 2000, Steve Irwin said . . .

  • "Conservation is my job, my life, my whole persona. If we can teach people about wildlife, then they will want to save it."
  • "People want to save the things they love, and I want to save wildlife."
  • "My proudest achievement is Global Wildlife Conservation."

Steve's chief ambition was to educate the public on creatures both great and small throughout the world. His famous catch phrase "Crick" has been immortalized forever by comedians and famous stars alike...

Upon hearing of his death, the crew of the U.S.S. Challenger voted to name a new scientific shuttle after Irwin, and the U.S.S. STEVE IRWIN was place on the ship as the chief shuttle for expeditions of a scientific nature, large enough to carry experiments, both animal and botanical in nature.

Steve Irwin lived his life as the motto of the U.S.S. Challenger... "Give me a challenge, and I will meet it with joy." President Ronald Reagen, January 28, 1986

and because Irwin did meet his challenges with joy in every way, he will be remembered as he wished...

  • "I want to be remembered for my passion and enthusiasm."

Challenger Irwin2.jpg