USS Challenger/Ship Statistics

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The `USS Challenger` had these specifications beyond the normal Akira-class specifications

  • Torpedo Launchers/Capability
    • Arrangement: Three fixed-focus torpedo launchers, one located just above the main deflector dish and another at the bow of the primary hull along with a third launcher within the main sail.
    • Type: Mark XXV photon torpedo
    • Payload: 375 torpedoes
  • Primary Shield Generators
    • The 'USS Challenger' had 16 grids, with only 10 of them active in normal combat operations, with 6 being reserved for emergency shields. This tactic was also thought to increase shield effeciency by allowing the tactical officers to determine how to modulate the shields.

SIM Quote(s)

  • NPC Ashlyn Willard

Willyard: Captain, all three fixed-focus torpedo launchers set for maximum effective range. Mark XXV photon torpedoes set for pattern firing and detonation on contact. *Willyard: Well, we have sixteen shield grids, but during normal combat operations, only 10 of the 16 shield generators are activated. The remaining 6 generators serve as the emergency shield system, which is good, but would there be a need for a emergency shield system if all of them were activated? Tribuzio: Logically speaking? Not at all. But what other use do they have? Willyard: They determine the type of weapon is being used on the ship, and what frequency and phase the weapon uses so you can analyze it and they can be configured to have the same frequency as the incoming weapon - but different amputation. This tactic increases shield efficiency.