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  • Age (date of birth) 22 (2361)
  • Species Vulcan
  • Gender Male
  • Hair color Black
  • Eye color Black
  • Height 6'2


  • Parents T'Lara and Sarek
  • Siblings None
  • Spouse None
  • Children: Daughter Zhal


Ti'Brus has just finished the Academy and passed Science and Security with flying colours and Engineering as a minor.

Ti'Brus will work in any position, but is favourable to Science. He was seen By Ambassador Taurik shortly before begining his tour of training duty. Taurik relayed to him the necessary reasons of working with other cultures, as well as doing everything a senior officer asks, whatever the outcome could be.

Taurik also gave him a wooden plinth and 60 metal rods, Ti'Brus recognized it immediately. The Vulcan game of Kal'Toh that he had seen him with earlier that day. He explained to Ti'Brus that this particular possession of his was given to him by Fleet Admiral Waters the day he also graduated. He felt it now had run it's course with himself and relayed this to Ti'Brus. He said he wished for him to have it as it had brought him "luck."

Challenger Positions



Recue Team Finding Ti'Brus Daughter

The Mountain Rescue Team is an equivalant of the early 20th Century Mountain Rescue, also has seams of the Hazard team.


238409.10 The Team consists of the following Challenger Personel;