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Captain's Log, Stardate 59646.6 (238302.23)

The USS Challenger has been ordered to the Vinos-Da system on a scientific mission to catalog the seven planetary bodies and surrounding region. Before entering the system, the ship's warp core cooling system was taken off line do to fluctuations within the core and the threat of an immediate warp core breach.

The Challenger continued its journey towards Vinos-Da on impulse. Upon reaching the outer barrier, Major deMarc's modified fighter wing was launched to begin preliminary scans of the system, before the ship's eventual arrival. It was learned, as scans began to come back that one of the seven planets was no longer within the system and that an asteroid belt had formed around the entirety.

As I called for the ship to be stopped, the emphasis Q and Trelane "popped" onto the bridge. They were quickly escorted to the conference room, while I tended to a personnel detail.

Dr. Fimpel, the EMHv4. doctor who had been turned on, when the ship left SB118, was relieved of his duties after complaints by the crew were issued. This gave way for an up and coming Ensign To'rbls to take over as medical officer (in charge of sickbay). I believe he will be strong asset to this crew.

Major deMarc, Ensign Proud and Lt Netal have been ordered to the main shuttle hanger to investigate the destructed remnants of one of the marine fighters. The rest of the crew and Trelane, who opted to stay on board the Challenger are attempting to assess the Black Splotches that had begun forming on the outer hull of the ship.

It is my hope that this issue will be resolved soon and that our mission of scientific discovery will no longer be impeded, but with Q and Trelane causing havok, it's anyone guess what will happen next.

Captain T'Pen reporting.



Captain's Log 238408.31

The Challenger is on it's way to Starbase 24 for maintenance, repair, replacement of crewmembers and a much needed time of relaxation. This crew has had its share of scrapes of the past mission. The Romulans have their work cut out for them. I have a sneaking suspicion that the Praetor won't be happy that T'Vol obliterated the Tal Shiar base. We are still several hours from SB24, but well outside of the Neutral Zone. We're acquired several new guests from our recent excursion. I can't help wonder how Turner and Reid will work out their recent experiences of being shot at. Each in their own way, as Ambassador Spock was so fond of saying.

Justin Whiteard

Officer's Personal Log Stardate: 238410.05 at 0600 Hours

Today, I am 1 step closer to fulfilling my dream to be chief engineer of a starship. I am currently on my way to my 1st assignment the USS Challenger I heard from some of the other cadets at the academy, that she was a fine ship with a good captain and crew, but I guess I will soon find that out for my self.



Captain's Log. Stardate 238503.10

The Challenger has finally been cleared for flight status and we've left SB001, on our way out of the Sol System towards Kaclla. An M class planet located in what was once called L1157. L1157 is a dark cloud in the Cepheus constellation. Starfleet already has an observation "blind" set up to observe the two races that currently inhabit the planet. One, an Avian race, the other a Feline race. Fascinating, from a Scientific point of view, really, as it is apparent that most members of each race have been co-inhabiting the planet with little fuss from either side. It's only been within the past stellar year that terrorist threats and explosions have occured in both inhabited areas. Minimal damage, but the threats and resulting violence have led the observation post to call in the Federation on behalf of both sides to mediate.

It is worthy to note that both races want to enter into membership with the Federation, but the Federation has put a required stipulation, stating that they would not be considered if the entire planet was not made a whole entity instead of divided by the terrorist threats.

President Bacco, Vulcan Ambassadore Sorret and Starfleet have requested that the Challenger handle this situation. I'm of the opinion that there is more here than meets the eye.

End recording.

Bobby Tripinsky

Personal Log stardate 238504.13

Admiral Anderson is dead...I guess I am still in shock. It was so...routine. It was a beautiful day...we had arrived at the Capitol Building. We were received with such...respect. Everyone loved the Admiral. The meeting was very productive, Shinraka was ahead of schedule on meeting the prerequisites set forth for their entry into the Federation.

We were all laughing, at a joke the Admiral had told...something about Romulans being smug...::pauses:: I can't remember the joke...oh well, as we were walking down the steps laughing, the Admiral looked over and winked to me...I knew we had the meeting that would define our careers. As he winked I smiled and shot him a quick nod. As he turned back to face the shuttle there was a single disruptor shot that hit the Admiral in the chest..::voice quivering as he relives it mentally:: I remember pulling him behind the shuttle. Two of our security officers we able to make it into the building were the shots came from, we knew it was very important we found out who the target was, and why. I remember peeking up to see, and he took another shot hitting the shuttle, near my head...I drew my phaser, and held my breath...I kept thinking they are not going to kill the Admiral...I turned and fired, hitting the gunman in the chest. Seconds later, security secured t he room. I knew when I seen that guy sitting at the tavern, he was up to something.

Lieutenant Commander
Andrus Jaxx

Personal log, Stardate 238509.06

I am on the Geronimo heading to the Hulti system to hopefully peacefully negotiate with the miners and inhabitants of the planet...but instead of focusing on the mission I find myself thinking of Talon. The last time we spoke...we had a fight. Then, I get sent on this mission. I always knew that there would come a time we weren't together. I asked her to share quarters coming back from Betazed, she accepted. I am happy with this is the next one I am worried about. ::he pauses and sighs:: I am afraid...for the first time in a long time. Keeping with human tradition, I bought a ring...while we were at the cabin, I placed it in my desk. ::perplexed:: I wanted to give it to her so bad. StarFleet does a good job of keeping married couple together on the same ship...but it is still a gamble. We haven't talked about family or how many children she wants...I am worried I will be inadequate. There are two things I care for in this life, my career...and her. How do I juggle the two. Can I be a Captain, and a husband? T'Pen and deMarc seem to make it work...but I know they have little time for each other. I can't and won't do that to Talon. ::heavy sigh:: End log.