USS Challenger/Marine Raiders

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  • PRODUCTION BASE: Fort Hood Production Facility, NEW HOUSTON, Sector 021.
  • RATINGS: 50(1). See below for DITL summary.
  • TYPE: Heavy Assault Transport.
  • IN-SERVICE DATE: 2350.
  • ACCOMMODATION: 1 pilot, 1 BN, 1 deployment officer, 1 copilot. Can carry up to 50 DI or a combination of troopers and vehicles or supplies.
  • POWER PLANT: Two 15k millichocrane warp engines. Thirty DeFl 5000 micro-Fusion RCS thrusters. Two 6k impulse engines.
  • DIMENSIONS: Length 60m; beam 50m; height 15m.
  • MASS: 250m tons.
  • PERFORMANCE: Warp 6 for 7 days.
  • ARMAMENT: 2 Type V Phaser emitters for a total phaser output of 1000 terra-watts. 2 Standard mini-photon torpedo tubes.
  • SHIELDS: Type 4 generators capable of deflecting 1.1 x 10 to the 5th Kw.
  • SENSORS: Outdated standard shuttle package circa 2355.
  • SPACE FRAME: Standard Duranium single hull, Standard level Structural Integrity Field.
  • HISTORY/NOTES: Developed for the Starfleet Deployable Infantry as a heavy assault lander, this craft is now essentially too dated to be of any tactical use except in rear echelon situations, as a trainer, as a transport or as a vessel of last resort. Dated methods of space frame and systems integration mean the craft reached their useful up-gradable design life by 2360, shortly after the Cardassian Wars.
This design is included herein for several reasons, however.
The first is that is was the first true modern 24th century tactical craft designed by Starfleet, and is thus the general progenitor of the models that followed. Second, the simmer is likely to encounter some of these craft in service still, on rear echelon worlds, since the over-all fleet shortages of the 2370’s meant many of these craft were pressed back into service.
Lastly, several of the few surviving Raiders from the Dominion War were sold into private service, rather than scrapped. It is possible to encounter pirates, merchants and freebooters using these vessels.
    • Beam Weapons: 20
    • Torpedoes: 20
    • Range/Accuracy: 15
    • Shields: 40
    • Hull/Armor: 10
    • Speed: 205
    • Combat Agility: 15000
    • Total Strength: 60


  • PRODUCTION BASE: Newport Fleet Yards, Sector 003.
  • RATINGS: 72(1)**. See below for DITL summary.
  • TYPE: Short range non-warp medium fighter.
  • IN-SERVICE DATE: 2370.
  • ACCOMMODATION: 1 pilot.
  • POWER PLANT: thirty DeFl 9200 micro-Fusion RCS thrusters and one 9k impulse engine.
  • DIMENSIONS: Length 5m; beam 3m; height 2.5m.
  • MASS: 3.6m tons.
  • PERFORMANCE: Full impulse for 60 hours.
  • ARMAMENT: Two forward facing type IX phaser cannons. Two type VI phaser emitters (bow and stern) for a total phaser output of 2,100 terra-watts. Two bow-mounted Micro-photon torpedo launchers. Additional hard points allow for two “Javelin” M/AMR impulse missiles or SG munitions. Hard points also allow for short range warp engines, “buddy store” fuel tanks, special mission pods or other devices.
  • SHIELDS: Type 6 generators capable of deflecting 1.45 x 10 to the 5th Kw.
  • SENSORS: Minimal, short range, tactical only.
  • SPACE FRAME: Capable of high velocity turns up to and exceeding 45g without compromising the enhanced Structural Integrity Field. . A Duraniam single hull with a standard SIF and 2cm high-density armor.
  • HISTORY/NOTES: Developed once it became clear that the Federation needed extra help with the Klingons, Borg and Cardassians, the Raptor is actually a pilot’s fighter. While small (and thus an excellent fit for small capital ships or ships with hangar and crew space issues), the hard points make this fighter versatile. With M/AMR missiles, it becomes as lethal a space superiority fighter as one could want. With SG (space to ground) weapons, it becomes an assault ship. With warp pods, it’s capable of making short warp jumps and then jettisoning the pods for atmospheric work.
Also, while the oldest of the modern tactical craft, the Raptor is also, pilots swear, the best “feeling” ship. To a pilot, that matters, and makes a difference in how instinctively he flies his bird. As well, she is capable of spreading a reverse swept wing configuration which makes her lethal in atmosphere, as well as more responsive than the more recent and heavier ships which depend on maneuvering jets.
    • Beam Weapons: 42
    • Torpedoes: 10
    • Range/Accuracy: 60
    • Shields: 54
    • Hull/Armor: 210
    • Speed: 0.52
    • Combat Agility: 19,000
    • Total Strength: 72
    • Note: These base numbers can change radically as the Raptor’s hard-points can be fitted with warp-engines and/or additional munitions/weapons.


  • PRODUCTION BASE: Iwaix Fleet yards, Vulcan sector.
  • RATINGS: 171(2). See below for DITL summary.
  • TYPE: Medium short range warp fighter.
  • ACCOMMODATION: 1 pilot, 1 copilot, can carry Up to 4 additional marines or passengers.
  • POWER PLANT: Two 20k millicochrane warp engines, seventeen DeFl 9200 micro-Fusion RCS thrusters & two 10k impulse engines positioned to the far left and right of the Aft section, for optimum turning velocity.
  • DIMENSIONS: Length 11m; beam 4m; height 3.5m.
  • MASS: 7m tons.
  • PERFORMANCE: Warp 9.6 for 36 hours.
  • ARMAMENT: Two forward facing type XIV phaser cannons. One type VIII phaser emitter (stern) for a total phaser output 2,800 Terra-watts. One bow-mounted Micro-Quantum torpedo launcher.
  • SHIELDS: Type 10 generators capable of deflecting 2.27 x 10 to the 5th Kw.
  • SENSORS: Standard shuttle sensor package.
  • SPACE FRAME: Utilizing cutting edge technology in space-frame design the FA-120 is capable of high velocity turns up to and exceeding a massive 41g without compromising the enhanced Structural Integrity Field. A Single Duranium-Tritanium Hull with a standard level SIF and 2cm of ablative armor.
  • HISTORY/NOTES: First of its line, a heavy warp capable fighter fit for extended tactical objectives and operations. Heavy service just before the end of the Dominion War, filling in for the many capital ships lost.
    • Beam Weapons: 56
    • Torpedoes: 50
    • Weapon Range/Accuracy: 60
    • Shields: 84
    • Hull/Armor: 350
    • Speed: 1000
    • Combat Agility: 19,000
    • Total Strength: 171