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Arthur Summerside

Arthur Summerside is a Briori Human reporter born in the Delta Quadrant. He currently works as a provocative independent journalist aboard Amity Outpost. Summerside is a PNPC simmed by Keegan (Kivik).

Background & Description

Basic Stats Appearance
  • Full Name: Arthur Summerside
  • Species: Human (Briori)
  • Sex & Gender: Cis-male, straight
  • Parents: John & Dorothy Summerside
  • Date of Birth: 236005.13 (age 41)
  • Place of Birth: Delano, Briori
  • Height: 1.8 m (6'0")
  • Weight: 79 kg (175 lb)
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Hair Style: Short, straight
  • Iris Color: Dark brown
  • Portrayal: Harrison Ford

Arthur, called 'Arty' by the few people who are actually fond of him, is a Human born on Briori - a world originally belonging to a race of empirical alien overlords who brought captive Humans from 1930's Earth to serve as slave labor. Hundreds of years after they overthrew their masters, the Humans now call themselves Briori and control a small sector of space around their planet.

When Arthur was a boy, the planet was visited by The Voyagers (USS Voyager). Since then, there has been a radical shift in Briori society - with some embracing their rediscovered Earthly heritage and the awakening of The 37s and others terrified of the encroaching Federation and the loss of Briori's unique culture. Arthur considers himself neutral on this issue.

Regardless, this discovery revealed an insatiable hunger for knowledge in Arthur, who took quite naturally to journalism. His long-time friend, Joe Lewiston, and he would end up working for the Briori Sun news outlet - Joe later becoming the Editor in Chief. Lewiston, however, is staunchly anti-Federation. Following a rift between the two men, Arthur has since declared himself independent.

Arthur may come across to some as old-fashioned, particularly in matters related to journalistic integrity or manners (hearkening back to the revival of 1930's culture on Briori). All the same, many find him oddly charming. He is often accompanied by his Talaxian friend and holo-photographer, Pix.

Notable Sims & Quotes

Noteworthy Quotes

Summerside: ::Removing his trilby:: Summerside. Arthur Summerside. I’m a reporter - and you’re Keehani Ukinix, First Secretary of Amity Outpost.

As soon as she heard the word “reporter”, Keehani gave a knowing smile. She could sense natural inquisitiveness in the man, his stated career explained why.

Keehani: I *am* First Secretary Ukinix.  ::playful squint of eyes:: Should I be concerned that you’ve looked up the Diplomatic Corp’s personnel list?  ::Slight smile:: Do you have an something to report on?

Summerside: Nothing nefarious, I promise. Just here to see what all the hubbub is about - the new station, a triumphant return to the Delta Quadrant, and all this… ::He gestured around with the martini in his hand:: togetherness. ::Taking a drink:: Inspiring.

- Scoop Resistance (Ukinix)

Arthur: You want to know my resolution, Pix?

The softspoken Talaxian nodded his agreement while sipping on one of the ubiquitous blue thingies.

Arthur: Success. I’m done with failure. I’ve got to change if I’m going to survive in these shark-filled waters. Success, Pix, whatever the cost - even if it’s my past… or my dignity.

- Continuing to Evolve and Iterate

Vataix: Anything you think we're missing?

Summerside: Would it be nettlesome of me to suggest ‘grit’?

Arthur enjoyed the expression on Ambassador Vataix’ face for a moment. She had a way of making surprise look like… enticed curiosity.

Vataix: "Grit?" Perhaps you can expound upon that?

Summerside: Ahh, you know… Sikarian Card Rooms, a Tsunkatse Arena, Brenari Soul-Readers… Real Delta Quadrant representation. All this stuff ::pointing around:: is aces, Ambassador, but it’s firmly Federation.

Vataix: True, part of our mission here is to showcase the worlds of the Federation to the Delta Quadrant... but I do want to see Amity become a true mecca of cultural exchange--which means incorporating more Delta Quadrant species here. What do you suggest?

Summerside: Well I wouldn’t go so far as Hirogen Holo-Hunting, but if you want my advice – I’d start going local. Show some commitment to embracing the D.Q. as it is.

Vataix: Local...

Arthur leaned back against the railing, watching Vataix muse the idea.

Summerside: How much of the Quadrant have you really seen, Ambassador? ::Raised brows:: It’s a big place.

- Good News

Noteworthy Sims & JPs

Soundtrack & Mood Board

A 'Mood Board' featuring elements that represent Arthur's history, interests, and personality.

Below are a selection of music tracks that convey elements of Arthur's personality, storylines, and moods.


Name Ship Posting Relationship Status Comments
Evelyn McLaren Amity Outpost It's Complicated For some strange reason, Evelyn seems to enjoy Arthur's company. The two of them have flirted and may even be 'something' - though Arthur has expressed a fear of fast commitment. At the moment, they are figuring things out.
Wil Ukinix Amity Outpost Friends Despite some initial animosity, the two men have much in common and so have forged an occasionally-strained friendship.
Kiyaini Ri'zella Amity Outpost Colleagues Arthur sees Kiyaini as a more-respectable version of himself. The FNS reporter doesn't pull her punches and Arthur greatly respects her for that.
Keehani Ukinix Amity Outpost Grudging Respect Both cause a great deal of annoyance to one another - and yet they both seem to want to like the other. Arthur may not admit it, but he greatly admires Keehani's 'no-BS' attitude.
Rivi Vataix Amity Outpost Confused Respect Arthur's not quite sure why Rivi seems to like him or seek out his opinions when everyone else acts so adversarial with him. All the same, he's happy to bend the Ambassador's ear when he gets the chance - and even sort of admires her.
Ikaia Wong Amity Outpost Unlikely Friends Initially cold to one another, the two grew far closer during a collaborative investigation of Food Poisoning on the Outpost. Arthur now greatly appreciates Wong - or, as he refers to him, "Kid."
Pix Amity Outpost Friends / Colleagues Arthur's trusted right-hand man and advisor, Pix has traveled the stars with Summerside for some time now. Despite Arthur's frequent jabs at Pix, he is truly fond of the Talaxian and isn't planning on parting with him any time soon.
Tidrid Vataix Amity Outpost Confused Tidrid may not know (or, as a Betazoid, perhaps he does!) but Rivi's husband is the only man Arthur has felt confused by...