Vailani Tovan

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Starfleet Headquarters
Vailani tovan general.png
Vailani Tovan
Position Marine Corps
Rank General
Species Bajoran
Gender Male
DOB 234008.21
Age 60
Birthplace Musilla Province, Bajor

Vailani Tovan is a highly respected General in Starfleet Marine Corps. He is also the father of Vailani Zoyara, Operations Officer aboard the USS Artemis-A.


  • Height: 6'06
  • Weight: 161 lbs
  • Hair: Light Brown
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Build: Tall and Athletic


  • Pol Chael

Pol Chael and Tovan married when they were both members of the Bajoran resistance. They had four sons, and one daughter together, whilst both of them served aboard Deep Space Nine within the Bajoran militia. When Tovan joined Starfleet, and the family left Bajor and Deep Space Nine, Chael became resentful. Eventually this would lead to an unhappy marriage, with Chael eventually leaving to return to Bajor.

Named after his youngest sister and his only daughter, Zoyara is the apple of his eye. Although he was just as hard on her, if not more, to ensure she had what it would take to be the best she could be in Starfleet. She is probably the most like him and they would enjoy holodeck adventures, reliving famous battles from all time periods.


Tovan's entire family were taken from Musilla Province when he was a child. His father was an engineer and sent to use his skills by the Cardassians. Tovan was seperated from his mother and sisters, who were taken to a forced labour camp - none of them would survive this. Tovan by a sheer fluke found himself working in the gardens of a Cardassian officer's family.

He escaped when the Bajoran resistance attacked the Cardassian officer, and they took the Bajoran staff with them, who joined the resistance cell. Tovan learnt that his father was executed as a punishment, he stayed with the resistance cell. He was a member of the Bajoran resistance until the occupation ended in 2369, shortly after he joined the Bajoran militia and moved to DS9, where he remained until the Dominion War, which prompted him to join Starfleet as an enlisted officer.

After the Dominion War he was recruited to Starfleet Marine Corps, where he has worked hard to become a General.


Tovan is a structured, methodical man. He is a workaholic and demands the best from those around him, including his children.

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