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James T. Kolk

Welcome to my user page. My real name is Jackford R.M.B. Kolk. I joined UFoP: Starbase 118 on Stardate 238402.08 (February 8th, 2007), and played Commander Jackford B. Kolk, former First Officer aboard the USS Ronin, until stardate 238706.27 (June 27, 2010) when he was abducted by the Vaadwaur. I mucked about with a few characters here and there for a while (Syrol, civilian Stellar Cartographer, USS Independence-A; Commander Valis, Chief Diplomatic Officer, USS Drake; and Ensign "Kit" Kizito, Science Officer, USS Columbia), before I realized the unparalleled joy of making the "Evil" alternate version of Jack my primary character by giving him a reformed life and a new name (the best name ever, actually: James Tiberius Kolk!), who reported for duty aboard the Columbia on 239109.14 (September 14, 2014), which incidentally, is exactly 8 years, to the day, after he first reported for duty as an Ensign aboard Deep Space 17 in an alternate universe.

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James Tiberius Kolk
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Out of Character
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Personal Projects

The USS Ronin Shoreleave Logs
aka probably the best writing I ever did in the UFoP even if it was never technically part of the UFoP IC. You've got to read this stuff!

Player Characters

Current Player Character

USS Columbia
Nebula class
Commanding Officer: Benjamin Livingston
LtJG Jim Kolk Science.png
Science Officer
James T. Kolk
  • Lieutenant J.G. James T. Kolk: Simmed as PC from September 14, 2014 to December 16, 2014
    • Science Officer

An incredibly resourceful and ingenious man with extensive experience in both Science and Engineering, as well as a love for history, Jim Kolk has worked hard to overcome a highly regrettable past.

Science Officer
Orsisius Kizito
  • Ensign Orsisius Kizito: Simmed as PC from July 17th, 2014 to September 13, 2014
    • Science Officer

Disillusioned by his people's loss of moral conviction after protracted war, but still driven to bring honor to his family name, Kizito joins Starfleet to seek honor far afield from his home.

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Former Player Characters

USS Drake
Miranda class
Commanding Officer: William Rogers
Chief Diplomatic Officer
  • Commander Valis: Simmed November 5th, 2012 to June 17th, 2013
    • Chief Diplomatic Officer

A mother, a scientist, a diplomat, and a Vulcan, Valis began her career as a Science Officer aboard the USS Ronin. She then transferred to Communications in order to more directly work through difficulties she had working with Jhen Thelev. Upon solving those difficulties, she transferred back to Science. Her time on the Ronin concluded when she was transferred to the USS Endeavour-A to server as her Chief Science Officer. Sometime later, Captain Macarius noted her penchant for conflict resolution and moved her to serve as the head of his Diplomatic Department. She served admirably in the Endeavour's dealings with the Gorn until her transfer to the same post aboard the USS Drake. She continues to seek IDIC, and more than that, inner peace, through the service of the greater good.

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USS Independence
Prometheus class
Commanding Officers: David Cody & Sidney Riley
Stellar Cartographer
  • Syrol: Simmed January 20, 2011 to November 1, 2011
    • Stellar Cartographer

Having chosen a path that proved unwelcome amid the ranks of the Vulcan High Command, Syrol had hoped to find a home on a Starfleet vessel. However, when reconciliation with his mate proved contingent on building a home far afield from danger, Syrol choose his family over his career.

Helm, Communications, & Operations Officer
Zita Sesilia
  • Ensign Zita Sesilia: October 23, 2009 to April 26 2010
    • Helm, Communications, & Operations Officer

A shy, introspective person, Ensign Zita nonetheless broke with tradition and joined Starfleet in the hopes that the Federation's resources might someday help her people find the answers they've always been seeking.

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USS Ronin
Akira class
Commanding Officers: Idril Mar & Benjamin Walker
Jackford Kolk-Seattle.jpg
First Officer
Jackford Kolk
  • Commander Jackford Kolk: Simmed February 9th, 2007 to June 27th, 2010
    • Engineer, Assistant Chief Engineer, Flight Operations Deck Officer, Chief Flight Operations Officer, Chief Tactical Officer, Security Chief, Chief Strategic Options Officer, Second Officer, Chief Research & Development Officer, First Officer

Suave, debonaire, jovial, and a delight to be around. He served as almost everything up to First Officer of the USS Ronin until his abduction by the Vaadwaur on stardate 238706.27 during the investigation of a deserted Invernian colony on Draconis Gamma VII. Folloing his rescue, he lived aboard Deep Space 17 while undergoing psychological treatment. He returned to duty and was assigned as First Officer of the Endeavour.

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NPC Characters & Ships

Very Special Characters

Science Officer of Starbase 211
James T. Kolk

Deeply traumatized by the calamitous Gorn War in his native universe, "Evil Jack" Kolk accidentally made his way into ours, causing havoc for years until he was apprehended by Cmdr. Jack Kolk. Finally admitting to extreme psychological trauma, LtCmdr. Valis assisted the two in a bridging mind meld. Following the meld, the alternate was admitted to psychological care at Starbase 211 and later chose to change his name to James Tiberius Kolk when restored to commission as a Starfleet Officer.

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Jim ("Evil Jack" back then, of course) was the first NPC I ever created, and was the most fun to write for whenever he roamed back into the lives of my PCs, and now it's my pleasure to call him my Primary Character!

Personal Non-Player Characters

Insignia Rank Character Name Current Post Current Ship
Commander Josephina Pacelli Station Commander Starbase 211
Lt. Commander Baranduin Chief of Flight Operations USS Endeavour-A
Warrant Officer Peraino, Sunny Yeoman
Insignia Rank Character Name Current Post Current Ship
Lieutenant J.G. Puddles Peraino Security Officer USS Columbia
Ensign Grigory Filippov Transporter Chief
Master Chief P.O. Jill Granger Engineer USS Endeavour-A
Crewman 1st Class Alandra Devereaux Ex-Pirate & Engineer Starbase 211
Insignia Rank Character Name Current Post Current Ship
Lieutenant Alyre Science Officer USS Drake
Ensign Ann'ita H'tok'An'l
Ensign "Kit" Kizito USS Columbia
Insignia Character Name Current Post Current Ship
Aliah the Cat Adventurous Cat USS Endeavour-A
Chaudric Bartender USS Columbia
Jarod (Kolk) Teka Civilian School Teacher Betazed

NPC Ships I've created

USS Arthur Royale
Intrepid class
Commanding Officer: Whittacre
USS Endeavour
Galaxy class
Commanding Officer: Geoffrey Macarius
USS Expedition
Inspiration class
SS Idril Mar
(Evilly) Modified Civilian Runabout
Starbase 211 USS Vera Cruz
Constitution refit-scale.png
Athena Class Spacedock NCC-1801
Enterprise class
Primary Support Craft
Commanding Officer: Pacelli

OCC Activities

Former Contributions
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Publicity Team Member Training Team Member Fleet Chat Moderator
February 2008-May 2008 May 2008-June 2009 March 2011-November 2011
Current Contributions
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Wiki Ops Team Member Publicity Team Member (Image) Collective Member
July 2014-Present September 2014-Present September 2014-Present


  • Favorite Author: G.K. Chesterton
  • Favorite Orchestral music piece: "Orchestral Suite from the Inner Light" by Jay Chattaway
  • Favorite Day of the week: Sunday
  • Favorite Food: Chocolate (especially Milk & Ice Cream)
  • Favorite Sport: Baseball
  • Favorite Location: In front of the altar at a Catholic Church
  • Favorite Musical Group: Counting Crows
  • Favorite Poem: The Raven, by Edgar Allen Poe
  • Favorite Season: Easter
  • Favorite Star Trek Series: Star Trek: The Next Generation
  • Favorite Star Trek Character: Captain Jean-Luc Picard
  • Favorite Film: Star Trek: The One With No Subtitle