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Universe 107-LS9 is the Starfleet designation for the alternate timeline that the crew of the USS Ronin, under Captain Idril Mar encountered on stardate 238403.13 when officers from that universe intentionally used the neutron star Eratis to create a bridge between universes in order to procure manpower and resources with which to repell an impending Gorn attack on Deep Space 17, an attack that would eventually prove to be a catestrophic loss from the Ithassa Fleet in that universe. In the coming months, the Gorn Hegemony and their allies, the Romulan Star Empire, the Cardassian Union, and the Klingon Empire, effected the total destruction of the United Federation of Planets, plummetting the entire Alpha and Beta Quadrants into chaos. Those same powers then turned on each other in order to vie for power and territory.

The moment at which Universe 107-LS9 diverged from ours (which Starfleet deems Universe 001-A01) was when Idril Mar was killed after stealing a shuttle from the New Orleans class USS Independence in order to chase after Danny Wilde. Her absence meant that the order to ram the Independence into the Gorn flagship at the first Battle of DS17 was never given. Thus the Gorn fleet was never cripled, and a cease-fire was never called. A small number of inter-universal refugees from Universe 107-LS9 have attemted to flee the chaos of their own universe for the relative safety of ours since the fall of the Federation. The most noted of these refugees, former Station Commander Danny Wilde, ultimately met his end on our Earth in 2385 following the kidnapping of Lieutenant Commander Danny Wilde and Captain Idril Mar. The only known native of Universe 107-LS9 who continues to reside in Universe 001-A01 is Jackford Kolk, who escaped Earth after the demise of Wilde and was eventually apprehended by the crew of the USS Endeavour, NCC-1895-A. He has since been rehabilitated, chosen a new name (James Tiberius Kolk), and has been reinstated as a Starfleet Officer.