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KolkFI - Kolk's Floating Infobar!

This is my fixed-vertical version of Template:LCARS-Sidebar, which I created for characters. It is identical (or at least I try to keep it that way) except that it stays in the middle of the right side no matter how far down you scroll.

To use this fixed template, type the following anywhere on your character page:

|Title = (optional, for top hide-bar label)
|Color = Color (use Red, Orange, Gold, Green, Teal, Blue, Violet, Black, Silver, or White)
|Rank = Rank (optional - defaults to civilian, but then not written atop)
|Style = Pip Style (use DS9, STO, FI, Slanted, or leave blank for default)
|FirstName = Jane
|NickName = Janey
|LastName = Doe (optional)
|Image = Filename.jpg/.png (optional - Type None if you want a place-keeping image [see example],
                                \->don't include if you want no image at all)
|ImageCrop = {{Crop|Filename.jpg/.png|new width|new height|vertical position adjustment|horizontal position adjustment|zoom|link=}} (optional - don't include unless you need to crop your
                           \-> image, in which case do not use the above "|Image =" line)
|Post = Captain's Pet (optional)
|Ship = USS Steampunk (optional)
|ShipImage = FileName.jpg (optional)
|ShipReg = NCC-ID10T (optional)
|UserName = Jane Doe (optional)
|Extra = *Whatever You Want (optional)
|Species = Zakdorn (optional)
|Gender = Male (optional)
|BirthYear = 2377 (optional)
|BirthMonth = 04 (optional)
|BirthDate = 12 (optional)
|BirthPlace = Space, the Final Frontier (optional)

Any optional variables (Species, Gender, Ship, etc.) that you don't want to use can just be left out, as in don't even bother including them; they're extraneous.

Example: See floating sidebar. Below is the code used to create it:

|Title=Hide Me!
|Extra='''From Earth With Love'''
|UserName=Jackford B. Kolk
Hide Me!
James Bond

From Earth With Love

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