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The Misplaced Princess

Stardates 237602.06 - 237603.17

On stardate 237602.06 the Prometheus class starship USS Caledonia was officially commissioned at Starbase 118. After attending the ceremony as conducted by Fleet Captain Elinor of Kanist, the Caledonia and her crew departed on their maiden voyage.

Under the command of Commander Leigha Jacobs, the Caledonia was sent to investigate the strange disappearance of one Princess Alteea. Sent as an emissary by her people, the Kaldrynnians, the princess was supposed to rendezvous with a Federation mediator to draw up an official peace treaty with the Borash. The Borash have been at war with the Kaldrynnians for the past two hundred and fifty years. The neutral meeting place of Ytocs IX was selected. However, when the USS Montenegro arrived with the requested neutral mediator, the princess was no where to be found. Short on time due to the high demand for skilled negotiators in regards to the Federation/Dominion Conflict, the Montenegro had to depart after conducting a search for four days to no avail.

The Caledonia has been sent to find out what had happened to the princess and her entourage. However, as soon as the Caledonia entered the Ytocs System, a massive power drain occurred rendering the Caledonia "dead in the water." Although power was later restored, it was later learned that Borash had managed to board the ship when she had been disabled.

Leading a team of specially equipped FS-90 fighters, Commander Jacobs proceeded to remove Borash who were trying to breech the Caledonia main hull. Although the fighters were successful, the victory was short-lived. Only a few minutes after completing the "extermination," three of the fighters were whisked away to deep inside Cardassian space. This included the loss of Commander Jacobs. The Caledonia, then under the command of second officer Lieutenant Commander Valarious McGregor, began condcuting a search for the missing officers.

Once it had been discovered that the FS-90 fighter shuttle that Commander Leigha Jacobs had been piloting in a defensive run against Borash aliens, had been abducted, a rescue mission was immediately planned. However, beknownst to the Caledonia crew as the tried to think of a way to get their missing crew home, much was happening deep in the heart of Cardassian space. The four Caledonia officers that had been abducted were divided into two groups. The first group of two officers had been tortured for tactical information at the hands of Obsidian Order personnel. The other two officers, including Commander Jacobs, were treated almost as revered guests.

The commanding officer of the Cardassian ship had turned out to be none other than the Kaldrynnian princess, Alteea, that the Caledonia had originally sent to find. The product of a marriage between a father who was the child of the king of the Borash and leader of the ruling house on Kaldrynnia, and an alien mother, Alteea shared a trouble heritage. Having been born of a brief but forceful encounter between the crown prince of Borash and Kaldrynnia and a Cardassian female scientist, Alteea was seen as a sign of hope for her peoples provided her father could unite the two planets of his birth. However, before her father could unite the two planets and end the war, he died in a shuttle crash. Thus, Alteea was left to do what was best for all three entities involved.

It was the princess' belief that the war between the Borash and Kaldrynnians was what kept the economies of both worlds going. If it were to end, life would be unbearable on both Borash and Kaldrynnia. Knowing that this was not something she could let happen, Alteea has done her best to sabotage the peace process between the two worlds. However, when the Caledonia had arrived,all of her work started to unravel. Thus, after it became apparent that the Borash "drainer" technology would not be enough to deter the Caledonia, she resorted to the next phase of her plan---kidnapping Jacobs and her officers so that they could come to some type of an understanding.

Alteea offered Jacobs a choice. If she simply went on her way and forgot about Alteea, thus leaving the war alone to progress as it will, things would be fine. Basically, all the princess wanted was Jacobs' silence. Alteea suggested that Jacobs simply return to Federation space and forget that the Caledonia had ever found Alteea, or say to Starfleet Command that they discovered that Alteea was dead with nothing more to be done. If Jacobs agreed to that, and then Alteea promised her that Jacobs and her officers could go free. Alteea's only desire was to have the Federation back out of the Kaldrynnian/Borash situation.

A short time later,Jacobs and her officers were safely aboard the Caledonia. Heading back to Federation space, Jacobs sent her in her report that the only thing that had occurred on the mission was the defection of the Caledonia's mission specialist, Elsa Trevet. Trevet had gone back to a cell of Cardassians still fighting against the Cardassian/Dominion alliance. With their work done, the Caledonia headed back to Starbase 118 to undergo repairs and enjoy some much deserved rest.