The Return (Atlantis)

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2396, Episode 1


“The quest for truth is a noble one.”


The Return

  • Stardate 239609.23 to 239611.11

The missing Chon outpost, known as Deep Space 26 has now re-emerged from subspace in close proximity to a Caraadian House world.


Notable Characters

  • Arielle Rolus - High Prefect, Governor of Paldor II
  • Kleon Acacius - Minister for Liaison between Off World Attendees
  • Triell Irozi - Minister of Public Safety and Security
  • Captain Sheyl Drentana - Captain of House Larokon warship, Telsara
  • Lieutenant Commander Andrew Cotard - Executive Officer, Deep Space 26
  • Lieutenant Commander Perkins - Engineer, Deep Space 26
  • Commander Yanek Calasio - Special Tasks, Valcarian Imperial Navy
  • Corporal Lildani Birmor - Valcarian Imperial Navy, Special Tasks
  • Vetsus Sover - Valcarian Intelligence
  • Nahia Driks - Refugee

Mission Summary

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Act One

Commander Jarred Thoran, the new Commanding Officer of the USS Atlantis calls the senior staff together to deliver the news - Deep Space 26 has emerged from subspace. Preliminary reports place it above the House Larokon world Paldor II and not wanting to waste any time, the Atlantis sets course for the Paldor system, leaving the flotilla behind. Upon arrival in system, the reports were confirmed, but had been understated. Deep Space 26 had emerged in close proximity to the planet, resulting in huge geological instabilities across the planet. Adding to the situation, the station was in a decaying orbit and would enter the atmosphere in a matter of hours.

High Prefect Arielle Rolus, the Governor for the system, contacted the Atlantis questioning why they had arrived in system. After a short conversation, the Atlantis had agreed to assist her planet in any way they could. A meeting of the senior staff was called, where it was decided they would split up into three teams. Team one, lead by Lt. Cmdr. Toryn Raga would provide medical assistance and aid to the population, accompanied by Lt. Valin Dermont, Lt. Ishkabella Journs, Lt. Maddi Hyden and Lt. David Knight. A second team comprised of Lt. Cmdr. Serala, Marine Capt. Amuro McKnight, Marine Capt. Kurt Logan and Lt. Esa Kiax would shuttle to the station to assess the situation. Finally, Cmdr. Jarred Thoran, Cmdr. Alexander Williams, Lt. Kiliak Jo and Lt. Trelixxa Maeli would remain aboard the Atlantis and work out a way to prevent the station falling into the planet.

As the two away teams began their preparations, Thoran and the rest of the bridge team started to put together a plan to save the station. Initial attempts to pull the station with the tractor beam failed and so the team went back to the drawing board, although they had manged to buy some more time. Several other ideas were suggested, including attaching thrusters to the station, blowing the station up or utilising the planet's moon to push the station out of orbit. Finally it was decided to create a blast near the station, with a combination of torpedoes and ejected deuterium tanks, the resulting shock wave being strong enough to push the station further out of orbit, with the aim of giving the Atlantis more time to come up with a permanent solution.

Act Two

Serala and her team arrived on the station and were greeted by Cmdr. Yanek Calasio, a Valcarian officer who had taken over parts of the station whilst it had been in subspace. Agreeing to meet with the Commander, who controlled the lower levels, the away team departed the shuttle bay and were met with a Valcarian checkpoint manned by Cpl. Lildani Birmor. After a short negotiation, the Valcarian solider allowed them to pass; however a falling panel caused one of her soldiers to panic and opened fire on the away team, injuring Lt. Cmdr. Perkins. A cease fire was quickly called, the wounded treated and the away team continued on to meet Cmdr. Calasio. Cpl. Birmor took the opportunity to scan the Starfleet officers and proceeded to track them.

On the surface Raga and his team were welcomed by two Caraadian politicians, Ministers Kleon Acacius and Triell Irozi. Plans were quickly established to set up a triage centre, whilst Hyden and Knight secured the surrounding area. During this time an assassination attempt was made on Minister Irozi; however due to the fortunate timing their shot was thrown off by an earthquake. The earthquake caused parts of the building Vetsus Sover, a Valcarian Intelligence Agent who had been assigned to assassinate the minister, was trapped by falling debris and injured. Hyden had been investigating the same building and she too ended up injured as a result. Raga managed to locate the pair, taking the Valcarian agent into custody. Knight acquired a hover car and raced to the scene, providing transport for the injured back to the triage centre, where Journs had been working with Acacius to treat the wounded civilians.

Meanwhile the Atlantis was putting their plan into action. One deuterium tank had been launched successfully. The proximity to the planet's gravity well was causing issues with the Atlantis, with shields taking a beating. Out of nowhere the Atlantis was rocked violently, causing a few of the bridge crew to be thrown from their stations. The ship had been spared any major damage; however Stevok and Cmdr. Williams had been injured and a medical team was summoned to the bridge. Kiliak tried to contact Engineering for report; however as there was no answer, it was decided Kiliak would check in personally.

Act Three

As Journs was tending to the injured Starfleet officers and their Valcarian prisoner, a stampede of wild animals tore through the make shift camp. Raga wasted no time in coming to the aid of a mother and child, caught in the stampedes path. The Lieutenant Commander took on one of the beasts head on, injuring his hands in the process. During the chaos, Hyden found herself becoming separated from the group with Minister Irozi coming to her rescue. At the same time Knight was providing assistance where he could and confronted some looters, before providing medical aid to a Caraadian child.

The team on the station had proceeded through Deep Space 26, where they met with Command Calasio, the Valcarian officer who had taken the station. The man had seemingly lost his mind and was acting fanatical. He took Lieutenant Commander Perkins hostage, but swift thinking from Serala rendered the Starfleet officer useless as a hostage. A fire fight broke out between the Starfleet and Valcarian personnel. As Starfleet gained the upper hand, Commander Calasio took his own life, resulting in a surrender from the Valcarian forces.

On the Atlantis, deuterium tanks were being ejected near the station, with the purpose of providing a large blast to move the station out of orbit. Due to a malfunction in one of the cargo bays, Lieutenant Kiliak had to manually eject one of tanks, and was unable to release herself in time. Quick thinking on the part of shuttle pilot Teravalis meant that the engineering officer was saved before she had free fallen too far into the atmosphere. The shuttle docked with the Atlantis, Kiliak safely on board where she was transferred to sickbay.

Lieutenant Kiax, with assistance of Soul was able to connect with the Chon outpost and have it enter subspace once again. This time it was only a short trip, with the station exiting subspace in orbit around one of Paldor II's moons.

Notable SIMs

Mission Reports

REV SD 239705.03