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The Atlantis Spotlight is an opportunity to get to know our fantastic players both IC and OOC.

List of Featured Players


Amuro McKnight
September 2019 Spotlight

This month's spotlight is focused on the Atlantis' Marine Commanding Officer, Amuro McKnight played by Dan. Dan has been with the fleet since 2016, starting off as a Marine aboard the USS Doyle, before moving to the USS Athena as a Marine Strategic Operations Officer and finally ending up on the Atlantis as the Marine Commanding Officer, a role he has held for close to two years.

Thank you to Dan for agreeing to answer a few questions that will allow us to get to know the player behind Marine Captain McKnight a little better!

Who or what gave you the urge to join StarBase 118, and more specifically, the marines?
I honestly don't remember how I found this group. Mostly random. I wanted to play a Marine character because it reflects a bit of my real life.

What do you love most about this community?
So far, everyone I've interacted with are friendly and fun to work with.

Which StarBase 118 character would you most like to meet in real life?
No one particular character I would like to meet. It would be interesting to meet my entire crew.

What has been the most fun mission you/Amuro have been involved in?
The funniest mission would have to be when he and everyone else were stuck in a western. Classic Trek story

What advice do you have for anybody who wants to play a marine?
I think more people should play a Marine character. Star Trek desperate needs space Marines to round off the future stories. Despite the generations of series coming and going, the closest we've ever had were the MACO in Star Trek: Enterprise. For anyone interested, some of the media fictions' portrayal are sorta accurate but most of the ones I know are regular people..except they can all kick ass when need be.

What piece of Star Trek technology would you most like to see today?
I would love to see all the advanced medical tech from Star Trek come to life. It would help the world a lot.

What drew you to Star Trek in the first place?
I grew up with Trek, starting with TNG and then working to DS9, Voy, back to TOS, the movies. I had a love for the classic sci fi of Trek. Not so much of current Trek though.

What are you passionate about (outside of simming of course)?
I have a lot of things to spend time on outside of work. Model building, Firearms, driving cross country.