History of USS Atlantis

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Late 2394 and Beyond

While still a member of the Task force assigned to the Par'tha expanse, in October of 2394 the USS Atlantis gained a measure of autonomy relaunched with a new crew under the command of Commander Brell.

Season 1

House Loyalty
  • Episode 1: Stardate 239410-239412
    • DEVRON - The crew prepared to conduct negotiations between two empires, who both claim rightful ownership of the planet and its important starport. Officially, Devron is aligned to the Caraadian House Beruna of the Expanse but a local group of nobles desires to break free and join the Valcarians instead.
  • Episode 2: 


In 2394 the USS Atlantis was relaunched and sent once more to the Par'tha Expanse where it would join another three vessels in the newly formed Andaris Task Force, led by Rear Admiral Renos. For details about the crew and their adventures during this time, please refer to the Andaris Task Force pages.

2382 to 2393

The USS Atlantis NCC-74682 was officially launched and put into service on 238204.09. The following pages chart the first decade of it's work-life and the crew that called it home.

Here are links for the mailing lists where the adventures of the Atlantis Crew were played out.