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Starfleet Marine Corps


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Starfleet Marine Corps

The Starfleet Marine Corps is the fighting force of the United Federation of Planets, designed to be the Tactical Aid where there is none to be found. Developed to serve on deep space missions where reinforcements aren't always an option, the Marines are the protection for the Starfleet crew. In general, the duties of the Marines are to be tactical and succeed in operations where the Security and Tactical Duty Posts could not.

This provides ample opportunities for any simmer to enjoy not only the Marine missions available but also take part in the main missions on their posted vessels. Unlike the other duty posts, the post of a Marine is very varied and cannot always be predicted. However, this doesn't mean that the Marines cannot take part in the most routine of missions; they are, after all, a variety of duty posts within the Marine structure.

The main hive of the Marines is either the Flight Command and Information Center (CIC) or the Marine Mess Hall and both are located away from other sections of the ship to promote the "unit" notion of their deployment. This is a logical decision as the Marines have their own duty posts within the structure, meaning that they have their own Medics, Scientists and Engineers. The CIC can also serve as an auxiliary control if the main bridge is damaged.

Notable Starfleet Marine Contingents and Units

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