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The 69th Tactical Wing

After a year in service for Starfleet Strategic Operations, the USS Apollo was called in for a refit. The Apollo would be the base for Project Dark Star, a program to operationally test the new Valkyrie Mark II Fighter. The Apollo was modified to add the hangar deck, as well as a sophisticated CIC for flight operations, linked to the bridge. Command of the fighter wing was given to Major Viktor Lanius, the former First Officer.



Dark Star 1 (CAG) - Major Viktor Lanius, Callsign High Tower
Dark Star 2 - Major Brikk Wallace, Callsign Razor
Dark Star 3 - 1st Lieutenant Kenichi "Kenny" Nakamura, Callsign Archer
Dark Star 4 - 1st Lieutenant T'Aven, Callsign Black Pearl
Dark Star 5 - 2nd Lieutenant Griffon Rawlings, Callsign Shadow
Dark Star 6 - (MXO)Captain Ben Edwards, Callsign Jolly Roger

Duties and Routines

The 69th TAW is a relatively new Unit that has been comprised of officers with varying degrees of training. Most of them were hand selected based on their abilities in space, as well as their service records that reflect much of the same. Officers in the 69th are housed in a common bunk room on deck 16 of the Apollo, with all the amenities that one would expect. Typically before each shout, the wing will assemble in the Flight Room, their meeting room that serves as the planning and organizational space for all missions. Attached to the Flight Room is the CAG's Office. From there, once they've received their mission specifics, the pilots will make their way to the Flight Deck, to receive their pre-flight checklists from the Deck Master. After a thorough inspection, the pilots launch their birds. On the contrary, once they return, the routine is usually performed in reverse order, all the way down to the debriefing. The reason for this is to instill a routine for safety and maintenance, so that nothing is overlooked before going out into the soup.

Other Marine Duties may include: Ship-board tactical and security measures, including the repelling of boarders, To board enemy vessels (when commanded to do so by the APOLLO CO, at the hand of the Marine CO), keep their regular armament locker clean and organized, to take inventory of all marine equipment at their disposal, either personal or belonging to the 69th TAW.

Although the 69th TAW is primarily and foremost an Air Wing, occasionally, or when the situation calls for it, they must exercise the duties of every marine, and that does include performing the skills of an infantry unit. This doesn't happen often on the Apollo, but each pilot is trained to do so.

Spacecraft Attached to the Unit

  • Darkstar 1-6: Valkyrie Class Mark II Fighter with stealth travel capability. The program is still in the experimental stage.
  • "The Helion": Argo Class Shuttlecraft - Primary Landing craft/medic unit for Marine detachment, as well as personnel carrier.
  • "The Crosswind": Argo Class Shuttlecraft, piloted by 2nd Lieutenant Kala Laren, callsign Boomer - Outfitted with deep space sensor arrays, subspace communications arrays, as well as intelligence-capable consoles for espinoage and intelligence operations.
    • Both argo class shuttles are armed with two Type VI Phaser emitters and two Standard photon torpedo tubes. Phasers are turret mounted enabling 360 degree firing. Ablative armor for both.