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The 292nd Tactical Marine Regiment, like all Marines, are used to dealing with rough living conditions. On the Starbase, however, they have many facilities and luxuries available to them that may not be seen on other postings.

Like the Starfleet personnel, the Marines permanently stationed on Starbase 118 live among the civilian population in the Habitat Areas, though there are separate living quarters available for Marines visiting the base for joint training exercises or missions. There are also several holodecks primarily set aside for Dangerous Company, though as they do not see 24/7 use, they are also available to other departments for training (but not recreation).

Command & Information Centre (CIC)

The Command & Information Centre, or CIC, is essentially the "bridge" of the Marine facilities - the central command location from which all Marine activities are planned and coordinated. The CIC is a circular, two-level room. The first level is essentially a wide catwalk surrounding the main level of the CIC.

At the centre of the CIC is the information and deployment management console, which the Marines simply call The Manager. It is from here that the operations coordinator and commanding officer can direct all Marine operations. The Manager includes a large holographic projector that usually shows a three-dimensional map of the Trinity Sector and all vessels, facilities and colonies therein.


The Holodecks for the Marine Corps are no different to those used by Starfleet Officers. They use the Holodecks for rigorous training and drill sessions in adverse weather conditions and more specifically, for terrain training that could not be achieved on base otherwise.

There are several standard programs open to the Marines, including:

  • Jungle Survival Training
  • Desert Survival Training
  • Drop Training
  • Emergency Evacuation Training

There are also fitness programs which can be freely accessed by any of the Starfleet crew on the station. They are vigorous, tough and are set to test someone operating at the Marine fitness standard - at least.

Phaser Range

They say the best thing for a soldier to learn is to shoot. The Starbase 118 Marine Contingent does not like to think it is sending Marines out without learning the basics of the weapon they are carrying. As such, there is a complex program to help the Marines excel at their weapons training. The range itself is made from a composite Duranium alloy, which is routinely tested for stability and structural damage; however, it can take heavy fire.

Usually, phaser practice is a range between the different types of phaser and prototype weaponry in development. The score is kept count by the computer and is collected by the player shooting at various red markers flying out of the darkness. The aim is to shoot as many as possible in a time limit without compromising safety. A round in comprised of fifteen minutes worth of shooting, calculating hits and misses to an overall percentage.

Each Marine is submitted for monthly testing of accuracy and marksmanship. The levels needed for each department is different; for instance, infantry are required to have fast, accurate responses over relatively short distances, whereas a sniper would need to demonstrate accuracy at a far greater range.

Marine Mess Hall

It is safe to assume that every once in a while a unit needs to calm down and relax with food and drink. The Mess Hall is the place that the Marines can go to spend their leisure time with other members of their contingent. The unit is advised and encouraged to spend large amounts of time together due to emergency situations that may require an extended period of just having your comrades for company.

The large Mess Hall is divided into two sections:

Dining Hall

The Marines have their own dining facilities in which their own chef cooks specific meals for the platoon. Their meals vary from day to day, can vary from the mundane to the exotic, and each meal reaches the required nutritional standard. In accordance with protocol, there is also a compliment of replicators situated in this area.

Lounge/Common Area

Common Area

Like Starfleet Officers, some Junior Officers in the Marines don’t have the luxury of a lounge area in their quarters. The Common Area is a relaxing part of the facility that allows the Marines to spend their time reading or talking with colleagues and friends. There is a multitude of games ranging from the logical to the insane to suit the different tastes of the cosmopolitan crew and to keep up with the latest news, FNN reports are broadcast daily around the Mess.

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