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The Shakani are a non-corporeal telepathic species located in the Par'tha Expanse who are able to remove and restore memories. During an away mission to study a planet in the PTE-2891 system, a USS Chin'toka away team happened upon these beings who believed them to be a threat associated with the Romulans who had previously come to the planet. Hundreds of thousands of lives were taken during the Romulan occupation. After eventually driving the Romulans away, the Shakani, also known as the Guardians, established themselves as the protectors of the remaining natives. They are generally peaceful but will defend themselves and others if needed.

They have a unique ability to stimulate the recall of lost memories which they refer to as the Remembering. It can be painful and even dangerous if the subject resists.

MANNERISMS: When they are distressed or upset, they screech and quiver. When they are calm or communing with others of their kind, they will hum. They trill when happy, excited, or in agreement.

PRONOUNS: Shakani have no gender and refer to themselves with the pronouns they/them/their.