Desert Dangers (Ronin)

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Ronin Mission Archive
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Stardate 238505.02

The Ronin, its systems crippled due to a cascade failure brought on by nebular radiation, managed to evacuate most of its crew to a nearby Class-L desert world (later dubbed Rakis). Scattered across the surface, however, the crew found themselves struggling to survive against the harsh climate and an indigenous predatory lifeform, able to ’swim’ through the sands by using soundwaves to change the consistency of the soil in front of it. These creatures, called ’sand worms,’ ’sand sharks,’ or ‘land sharks’ by the crew, took several of the Ronin’s crew before a way to combat them effectively was found, combining a sound disruption device, effectively preventing the use of sound to ’swim’ through the sand, and a large water cannon, re-hydrating the sharks’ rough and dehydrated outer skin and effectively tearing it apart.

On the Ronin herself, a number of crew members were stranded by the failing power systems. This was a blessing in disguise, however, as a Ferengi scout ship arrived soon after the ship was evacuated to ’salvage’ the stricken Federation vessel. After a brief fire-fight, the remaining crew managed to barter help from the DaiMon, Nekil, allowing them to alert the Federation to the Ronin’s whereabouts.

The Ronin is currently under tow, thanks to the USS Wellington, heading for DS17. There, her power systems will be shored up and she will be transported on to Utopia Planitia, Mars, for more extensive repairs.