Shore leave: Ferenginar (Ronin)

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Shore leave 2: Stardate 240103.05 - 240104.20

Shore Leave Summary

  • Alieth and Toryn Raga had a conversation in a turbolift about undercover missions, how the Vulcan had never done anything wrong in her life, and why the Captain needed a break.
  • Alieth welcomed her father aboard the Ronin. The two of them drank tea together whilst Karrod Niac had too much fun.
  • Alieth and Kawarda met, had tea and discussed their home planet, plants and the department needs.
  • Ico Ena kidnapped Marty Tucker so that he could take a break from work, they visited the Dominion War Memorial, ate pastries in a French pâtisserie and arranged the lanterns for the Gratitude Festival. One could argue that they went on a date.
  • Tzim-Shah and Ian O'Connor discussed their weak arms and bantered in their room.
  • Tzim-Shah asked Dekas out. He invited him to the Mushashi, where they had some cakes and invited him to a Klingon Acid Punk contest. Of course, it wasn't a date at all.
  • Alieth received a gift from Bec. A craft that they took on a race under the sponsorship of the Ferengi. Luxa Lorana acted as her navigator and things didn't go as expected. Honey Badger and Panther had a good time, albeit in their own way.
  • Is’Kah has been exercising most evenings in the Holodeck, using the security training protocols to bypass the safety protocols. She was discovered by Kirsty Lee Carpenter.
  • Dekas spoke to Is’Kah regarding a minor insubordination incident that occurred on the prior mission.
  • Is’Kah was surprised by Ghee’looth Xiron for their wedding. Their classmate T'Ama arrived at the same vessel. While performing at a Karaoke bar, Latinum and Lace, a bounty was placed on Quentin Beck. He stumbled into the bachelorette party after he ran away from his date with Luxa Lorana. Quentin Beck was almost captured by a waiter and a bounty hunter team. The bounty hunter team was interrupted by Kirsty Lee Carpenter, V'Len Kel, and Sovek. T'Ama lead Quentin Beck, Is’Kah and Ghee’looth Xiron to her family's safehouse where Quentin Beck was able to call his dad and get the bounty called off.
  • Hiro Jones remembers his past and how he wasn't who he wants to be
  • Hiro Jones met with Zeya in Ferenginar, someone from his past that changed in a rather unexpected way
  • Hiro Jones had a session with his boss, Dekas, and recommended him to get in touch with his more playful side.
  • Lenny Bianchi is a real troublemaker. What a foul-mouthed pigeon
  • Hiro Jones had Gra'vel as a patient, helping her to overcome her recent panic attacks regarding going out into space, the anxiety it caused her, and her confusion with the evacuation orifices of carbon-based life forms.
  • Rox is promoted to acting ensign and looks to move beyond sickbay.
  • Hiro Jones abandoned his career and the Ronin following old acquaintances, potential lovers and certain adventures.
  • T'Ama sang karaoke and made Quentin Beck's heart rate go up. Later the two made up as friends over chocolate-covered potato chips and the guest quarter's minibar, putting an end to their two year estrangement over their failed attempt at romance at the Academy.
  • Is’Kah and Ghee’looth Xiron get married!
  • Quentin Beck and T'Ama dance together at the wedding reception.
  • Alieth and T'Ama remove over 100 tracking devices from Alieth's new racing shuttle.
  • Vailani pranked Quentin Beck with holograms of nightmare spiders and his dad, and is blackmailing him in an attempt to make him call off his relationship with Luxa Lorana.
  • Alidar Raedai joined the crew. He met with Karrod Niac, Ian O'Connor & Others
  • T'Ama accidentally torpedoes Quentin Beck's chance at romance with Luxa Lorana after the awards ceremony. Whether he can get back into Luxa's good graces remains to be seen.
  • Alieth and Luxa Lorana interrogated the Tholian scientist they kept in the Ronin, which lead to some disturbing knowledge about the alliance of the Lattice Alliance with the Gorn. Karrod Niac, a witness to the investigation, recognized the need to report such an alliance to Starfleet Command, but they refused to listen.
  • Alieth, Luxa Lorana & Quentin Beck began work on curing the new subspecies of Tholian known as "Tetra". The work is still in progress but the prospects are good that in the coming months they will no longer be dependent on synthetic Maleconite.
  • The awards ceremony was held, Luxa Lorana, Ian O'Connor, Ico Ena and Zoraya Vailani were promoted. Rox was appointed Acting Ensign, Marty Tucker was assigned as full Chief Engineer. Karrod Niac was finally appointed Captain.
  • V'Len Kel requested a LOA to save an old friend, a prisoner of the Zet. He said goodbye to Kirsty Lee Carpenter leaving her the future of the Foxy Lady in case he did not return.
  • Karrod Niac left the command of the Ronin to Toryn Raga when he left with Corcino to inform an Ally of the deteriorating situation on the Isles.


Senior officers taking part in the Shoreleave
Name Position Notes
Karrod Niac Commanding Officer Promoted to Captain in 240104.16
Toryn Raga First Officer Took commnand (temporary) of the Ronin on 240104.19
Ian O'Connor HCO Officer Promoted to Lt. JG in 240104.16
Kirsty Lee Carpenter Chief of Security & Tactical
Sovek Security Officer Joining the Ronin on 240103.21
Marty Tucker Acting Chief of Engineering Promoted to Chief Engineer in 240104.16
Is’Kah‎ Engineer
Alidar Raedai Ops Officer Joining the Ronin on 240104.07
Alieth Chief Science officer & 2O
Luxa Lorana Science officer Promoted to Lt. in 240104.16
V'Len Kel Chief Medical Officer
Quentin Beck Medical Officer
Dekas Chief Counselor
Hiro Jones Counselor/Medical Officer LOA 240104.03
Ghee’looth Xiron Bride Joining the Ronin as a Guest Simmer on 240103.08
T'Ama Wedding Guest Joining the Ronin as a Guest Simmer on 240103.10

REV SD 240104.20
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