The Phoenix Doesn't Rise (Ronin)

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Stardate 237910.28

  • Commanding Officer:
  • First Officer:
  • Second Officer:
  • Location: Unknown, Ithassa Region
  • Officer Reporting:
  • Mission De-Brief:

The USS Ronin has just been ordered out of port at Starbase 222 by James. We are off to contact Captain Skyfire. Our mission? We do not yet know. A meeting has been called for all senior officers.

Phoenix Treja was founded murdered on the gym floor. An investigation is underway involving Ships Defenses, Science, and Medical officers. The truth will be found, and justice will be ours.

New crew has been picked up: Ensigns Rohmer, Borodin, and Talan. They are welcome on board, taken in at such a time.

And so we push off for deep space with mysterious orders once again.