The Sya-Negan (Ronin)

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Ronin Mission Archive
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Stardate 238407.10

The USS Ronin, recently recommissioned after a refit of her primary systems was tasked with the mission of conducting operational flight tests for three experimental new Federation prototye fighters. The fighters, designated the XF-353 “Boomerang”, XF-352 “Hammerhead” and the XF-354 “Gremlin” are each plagued by unique design problems.

In an effort to work out the final problems before productions, the Ronin’s senior staff officers were divided into three groups, each assigned to study and if possible identify possible solutions to the issues plaguing the fighter prototypes to which they are assigned. A semi isolated region of space, designated as system 7AE38, was picked as the testing grounds. The region was adjacent to an inhabited planet that was known to have achieved industrial technology. Due to the presence of a thick asteroid field, however, it was determined that the tests could proceed without worry of discovery.

Test zones were mapped and the flight operations and testing teams began their tests. During the first stage of the tests, there was a mishap with the tactical system aboard one of the two Gremlins, which fired on and damaged a Hammerhead’s drive systems. Almost simultaneously, a sudden subspace ripple disabled all three test flight wings and severely damages the USS Ronin. The source of this ripple is discovered to be from the Starship Sya, which has just conducted their first warp drive tests. This proves that the technical advancement of the species inhabiting the M-Class planet in the 7AE38 System has been significantly underestimated.

The Natives have attempted to establish contact with the USS Ronin, either unaware of the damage that their subspace ripple has wreaked on the Federation vessels, or uncaring of those results. While the Natives seem genuine enough, there was a healthy amount of hesitation on the part of the Ronin’s Commander, due especially to the unexpected nature of the encounter.