Stranded (Ronin)

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Stardate 238504.06

The Ronin sat in a squadron with the Independence and the Ursa Major, stranded near the Galactic Barrier by an unexpected wormhole. The USS Phoenix, staffed by the COs and some officers of all three ships, attempted to reopen the wormhole to allow the ships to return to Wheeler Colony. However, a fleet of small ships put the small Federation fleet in their sights. The Akira-class ship took a defensive position while the other two deal with problems of their own. After being sent back to Wheeler by an energy being, the three ships reunited with their commanding officers.

The Ronin spent much of its leave time trying to shore up repairs so that it could make the journey back to DS17 to use the station's now-extensive shipyard facilities. A decision by the command staff to not bypass a nebula on the way back to the station turned disastrous, as the nebula overloaded key systems and forced an evacuation of the crew to a nearby Class-L planet, with little hope of getting a good distress signal out through the interference.