Black Gate (Ronin)

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Stardate 237912.08

  • Commanding Officer:
  • First Officer:
  • Second Officer:
  • Location: Unkown, Ithassa Region
  • Officer Reporting:
  • Mission De-Brief:

The USS Ronin is on its way to the last known location of Skyfire. The death toll has moved up to three, and now the killer has his eye on Lt Cmdr Au. She's on the run, and he is not far behind in pursuit. Another killer has shown up, this time one moving to assassinate James, sent by Black Gate. James escapes with a stab, but the killer is torn open by the XO. Both James and his assailant are doing fine.

One another note, Sheriden and Lt Cmdr Au are going to be married, though only Fire-Claw knows it as of yet. Lt Cmdr Au is being pursued and Sheriden is out to save his fiancee from the clutches of the unknown murderer.