Destination: Mars (Ronin)

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Stardate 238506.01

The USS Ronin was towed to Deep Space 17, the main Federation outpost in the Ithassa Region. At the small shipyards there, the ship's power systems were shored up in a whirlwind of damage control crews and industrial replicators. Docking to the USS Gridley, a fleet tug bound for Earth, with some of the damage control teams still aboard, the Akira class battle-carrier left her Marine compliment and her fighter wing behind and made her way to the sprawling confines of the Utopia Planitia shipyards in orbit around Mars.

Aboard the ship, the month-long journey was passed by the crew mostly in introspection over the losses of lives on the previous two missions. A production of Shakespeare's Scottish Play was practiced and presented. A group therapy session was organized and lead by the ship's counselor. Progress was made with the crew, but the impact of the losses would be felt for a long time to come.

Soon after the ship arrived at Mars, the crew was treated to a special celebration: the long-awaited wedding of Idril Mar and Danny Wilde. The reception, a massive production hosted by the groom's parents, will be following shortly.