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Rol’Q, Son of Kolrriq

Rol’Q, Son of Kolrriq (Klingon: [ɹəʊlʔk]) (he/him) is currently a civilian living aboard the USS Constitution-B. He is a Klingon/Vulcan hybrid from the planet Vulcan and was born on Stardate 239303.25. He is a member of the House of Qu'Voq.


  • Full Name: Rol'Q, Son of Kolrriq
  • Other Names: None
  • Species: Klingon/Vulcan hybrid
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: March 25th, 2393
  • Birthplace: T’Paal City, Vulcan
  • Telepathic Status: T3


  • Height: 121 cm (3'11")
  • Hair: Dark Brown
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Build: Slim
  • Birthmarks/Scars: Small birthmark behind right ear
  • Handedness: Right-Handed
  • Taste in Clothing (off duty): Mostly Klingon-style children’s clothes, usually chosen by his mother


Personality Type: ESFP (Extraverted Sensing Feeling Perceiving”)


  • Mannerisms: Rol’Q is incredibly energetic, curious about the world, and enthusiastic no matter what he is doing.
  • Routines: Rol’Q’s days are fairly structured, and his mother makes sure that he always gets to bed by a reasonable hour.
  • Speech Patterns: Higher-pitched voice, usually yelling
  • Carriage and Posture: Casual and undisciplined

Likes and Dislikes

  • Favorite Book: An Adventure by the Lake by Toby the Targ
  • Favorite Color: Green
  • Favorite Food: Gladst
  • Hobbies: Teaching his dog tricks, art, holodeck adventures, playing piano
  • Pet Peeves: Being forced to be quiet, things that upset his dog (Ug’yel)


  • Quarters: Anath, Savok, and Rol'Q share officer's quarters on Deck 12 of the USS Constitution-B. The quarters include a small bathroom, a bedroom, a living/work area, a food replicator, an ultrasonic shower, and a personal holographic viewer. Anath and Savok try to keep everything well-organized, but Rol'Q has less appreciation for this atmosphere of order and organization.


Family Background

Rol’Q is the only child of Jolash G’Renn and Kolrriq. Jolash G’Renn is a Klingon/Vulcan hybrid holonovelist from Vulcan. She is the daughter of Dr. T’Shol G’Renn and neuroscientist Lyras. Jolash had a somewhat troubled childhood where she was frequently in trouble at school. Unlike her sister Anath, Jolash was much more Klingon than Vulcan. She completed her first holoprogram in her final year of school and made a full time career from it. To date, Jolash has published four holonovels and twelve other holoprograms.

Kolrriq was orphaned at an early age on Qo’noS. He cannot even remember the names of his parents. He was taken in by a group of traveling opera performers. The troupe of singers took good care of Kolrriq and trained him in all aspects of Klingon stage performances, including singing, acting, and how theatrical effects are done. Two members of the playing company tried to adopt him, but the head of their house rejected Kolrriq. With no family, Kolrriq traveled the galaxy and became a playwright.

Jolash and Kolrriq met in the winter of 2388 when a Vulcan production company decided to stage one of his plays. Jolash attended the opening night show and was seated next to Kolrriq during the performance. The two struck up a conversation during the intermission and realized their shared interest in Klingon dramatic arts. They agreed to share lunch the next day and quickly hit it off. Within a year and a half, Kolrriq felt like he had finally found a family and proposed to Jolash. Rol’Q was born a few years later after the wedding.


Rol’Q was born at 2311 hours on Stardate 239303.25 at the T’Paal City Medical Center. His father, grandparents, aunt, and great-grandfather were all in attendance. His parents lived in Jolash’s hometown in a small house only a short walk away from the home of T’Shol and Lyras. The deserts of the Raal province, the Fire Plains, and the Voroth Sea were his backyard. Rol’Q loved to explore his homeworld with his parents, grandparents, and “Aunt Ana” when she visited home from her studies on Earth.

Jolash and Kolrriq’s careers allowed them to both stay home with Rol’Q, and their work was a major part of their home life. Jolash would often use him as a test audience for her stories every night with bedtime stories. When Rol’Q was three, he briefly starred in one of Kolrriq’s operas about the life of Kahless. Rol’Q also spent plenty of time with his grandparents, who taught him about their family history and instructed him in primary logic.

Much like Jolash and her siblings, Rol’Q has trouble keeping up with the demanding pace of Vulcan education and has struggled with communicating with his peers. In addition to support from his parents and grandparents, Rol’Q found help from an unlikely source. Hannah Kennedy, a retired Starfleet officer and the mother of one of Jolash’s childhood friends, volunteered to give Rol’Q additional tutoring after school to help him thrive in the Vulcan school system. Mrs. Kennedy also began teaching Rol’Q piano and allowed him to adopt one of her dog’s puppies. He named the golden retriever puppy Ug’yel, the Vulcan word for sunlight.

In early September on 2396, Rol’Q and the rest of his family visited the USS Columbia in the Sagittarius Reach for the wedding of Anath G'Renn and Savok of Vulcan. Rol’Q was very inspired by his first time being aboard a Starfleet ship and really enjoyed meeting his aunt’s crewmates, including Captain Theo Whittaker and Lieutenant Commander Pholin Duyzer. During the return trip to Vulcan, Rol’Q told his mother that he wanted to be a Starfleet officer just like his aunt when he grew up. However, his life would be changed drastically a year later.

Unbeknownst to Rol'Q, the transport carrying his mother and father vanished and is presumed lost with all hands since late August of 2397. In late October of 2397, Anath and Savok became his legal guardians. At his aunt's insistence, he is only vaguely aware that his parents will be delayed in getting home. In the meantime, he is very glad to spend some time living with his aunt and uncle on an exciting Starfleet vessel, the USS Chin'toka. This excitement would not last long. Anath moved back to Earth to teach at Starfleet Medical Academy and her family moved with her. Rol'Q enjoyed Earth and his new school, so much so that it was decided they would let Rol'Q finish out his school year with Savok on Earth when Anath transferred once again after a semester of teaching. Following multiple delays and logistical issues, they finally joined her on the USS Constitution-B in April of 2399.


See full family background here.


Jolash G’Renn

Rol’Q loves his mother more than anything. She is always there to comfort him and helps him navigate life among Vulcans. Especially when he felt less intelligent than his Vulcan peers. Jolash also helps keep structure for Rol’Q. She and her husband Kolrriq died on a transport back from the Par'tha Expanse, leaving him in the care of his aunt and uncle. Rol'Q was devastated by her death.



Kolrriq is the primary Klingon influence in Rol’Q’s life. He gave Rol’Q his first d'k tahg at age five and taught him how to wield a blade. He also nurtures his son and teaches him how to live with honor like a true Klingon. Kolrriq is incredibly proud to have a son who bears his name and will carry on his legacy after his death. He and his wife Jolash died on a transport back from the Par'tha Expanse, leaving him in the care of his aunt and uncle. Rol'Q misses him very much, having lost the main Klingon influence in his life.


T’Shol G'Renn

T’Shol was thrilled to have a grandson and was another major Klingon influence in Rol’Q’s life. He would tell young Rol’Q many tales about the House of Qu’Voq and its history.



After three half-Klingon children, Lyras mostly retained her strict Vulcan control over her emotions. But her experience from raising Jolash, Anath, and Avarak made her realize that she could not expect her children or grandchildren to act like normal Vulcans. Rol’Q enjoys getting to spend days with just his grandmother, even if Lyras can find it tiring to keep up with the energetic Klingon child’s antics.


Anath G'Renn
Aunt and Guardian

While Rol’Q spends much more time with his grandparents on Vulcan, he is always ecstatic whenever he gets to see or hear from his “Aunt Ana”. Anath would always dedicate plenty of time during her visits home from Starfleet Academy to Rol’Q. Even after receiving her first assignments and leaving the Federation core, she would send frequent letters to her sister and nephew. One of Rol’Q’s favorite memories is getting to visit the USS Columbia for his aunt’s wedding. As of Stardate 239710.19, Anath is Rol'Q's guardian.


Savok of Vulcan
Uncle and Guardian

Rol’Q and Savok get along well enough, but have not yet found much in common. When Rol’Q visited the USS Columbia for Savok and Anath’s wedding, he mostly spent time with his aunt, mother, and grandparents. As of Stardate 239710.19, Savok is Rol'Q's guardian.



Rol’Q has only met his great-grandfather a few times. He was overjoyed to get to tour the SS Kajunpak't and received a warm reception from the freighter’s crew. Rartoll was glad to see that his great-grandson was such a Klingon spirit and thought that he showed that the House of Qu'Voq has a bright future.


Hannah Kennedy
Family Friend and Tutor

Lieutenant Commander Hannah Kennedy is a retired Starfleet diplomat living with her husband, Captain Walter Kennedy, on the planet Vulcan. Her daughter was good friends with the G’Renn siblings, and she remains close to the family. She is Rol’Q’s tutor outside of school and gave him his golden retriever when one of their dogs had puppies.



  • Klingon: Learned during his childhood.
  • Vulcan: Learned during his childhood.


  • Federation Standard: Taught by Hannah Kennedy.

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